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  • Day22


    September 25 in Nepal ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    So, didn’t sleep.
    At around 4:30 I had a little tanti and had to detach the charger from the wall cause the blue light was well and truly pissing me off.

    Got up at 7:30 to shave Wills back 😪
    Had breakfast at 8 and had checked out by 9.
    We waited in the foyer for Kay for about 40 minutes but she didn’t come. So we dumped our bags at reception and off we went to the museum.
    Such a random route again. Google maps isn’t overly accurate here.
    Will is so done with being hassled on the street.
    Just piss off lol.
    “Where you from?” Fk off lol.
    Took us about 40 mins to get there and it took us through “the suburbs”
    We walked through the army barracks. Again, their immaculate uniforms do not match the conditions they live in.

    The front of the museum looks as if a car has gone crashing through it.

    The photos on the brochure they gave us to do not overly look the same as the condition it’s currently in.
    Will reckons the earthquake effected things but it isn’t like the buildings have fallen down, they are dirty.

    First 2 buildings had statues of Buddha. Boring lol.
    Also everything was very recent - mostly 18th, 19th and 20th century. And mainly 20th - lame cause grandparents where alive? Hardly a precious piece of history transported through the ages.
    The museum is also really dirty - 6 ladies gas bagging at the front - one of them could be pulling weeds, another could be dusting.

    3rd building was better but still eh.
    Can’t reaaally complain cause it was only $2 to enter..
    anyway, it had some taxidermy stuff - an amateurs work for sure. It was quite comical - glad there were signs cause it wasn’t immediately obvious what each animal was 😅
    Had some fossil stuff and and elephant skull.
    It also had dolls from different countries and mirrors you have in a fun house. Not sure of the relevance but ok.
    The guard was asleep.

    We then got a taxi home cause weather was miserable.
    We got dropped off near by - had some lunch then went to the hotel.
    Dropped Will off at the hotel and went to do my thing. He is stressful to shop with - no patience.
    Love my new purchase.
    I fell asleep in the foyer for a little bit.
    We had like 4 hours to kill before we were going to the airport.

    Dawa collected us and gave us ANOTHER bloody scarf thing. Could have at least given us a different colour (was white again) 😅😂
    The traffic was abysmal.

    When we went in we were too early and check in hadn’t even started. We had to wait about 40 minutes and then got told our flight was delayed *sigh* but we could drop our bags.
    We went upstairs to immigration where some lovely man leant me his own.
    The whole attach a pen to string thing doesn’t seem to work here 🙄
    No Pens anywhere lol.
    After we got stamped we went up to a restaurant Kay told us to go to cause it had proper toilets:
    Food was randomly good
    Satay was amazing.
    The worker man charged my phone for me up at the bar section.
    For whatever reason the dude opened up the window and the FREEZING cold air from outside came in - suddenly became thankful for my scarf lol.
    As we continued through customs I bought a book. It’s pretty shitty but has some photos of the places we went and stayed on the trail.
    This airport has domestic vibes rather than international. Not high tech at all!
    We sat around waiting for our plane - I was under an air con vent that kept dripping on me 🙄
    We didn’t leave til until 12:30
    Not sure how delayed cause I’m still not sure if it was originally scheduled for 9:50 of 10:15 lol. Depends what itinerary/screen or email you look at.
    Their board said 9:50 as did one of my emails but my app said 10:15 and their new scheduled departure time had a delay of 55 mins - I.e 11:10 Which would support a 10:15 flight?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
    So confused haha.

    Anyway, finally got on our way. I cried during take off. I was really scared. Haven’t cried since returning from South Africa.
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