• Day78


    April 20 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We decided to move on from Petal Point as the village green camping area was filling up, there were a few couples sleeping in swags, a couple of tents, 3 old caravans and 4 boats (1 was quite large) along with kids and dogs, so the atmosphere had changed, the serenity of a camp we had all to ourselves looking out over the ocean had gone, but we had that experience for the previous 3 days which was great so we are moving before the memories are spoiled.
    We were going to stop at Derby but when we arrived we realised that this was not going to happen due to the Easter weekend, Derby is setting itself up as the mountain bike capital of Tasmania so there were cyclists everywhere which would drive Cher crazy (well she already is that but you know). All the camps and parks seemed to be filled with them (they looked like ants swarming everywhere) so it was not to hard a decision to make on just passing on through and find another camp down the road. There was a nice park in Braxholm but they didn’t allow pets so we only stopped to do some grocery shopping then moved on. We have set up for the night at Legerwood its a small town renowned for it wood carvings which have been done to make use of the old trees which were planted in 1918 as a memorial to those locals that were killed during the 1st world war, these trees which had come to the end of their lives where destined to be ripped out but the locals wanted to preserve the memorial so they had the carvings added to the stumps giving them new life. We see a lot of these around Tasmania, little towns that probably lost half of their young men to the war,planted trees in remembrance and then converting them as the trees begin to die off.
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