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  • Day9

    Athabasca Glaciers Skywalk

    June 14, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    After arriving back at the centre, we took another bus ride to the skywalk platform. This ride took about 15mins and our driver also gave us facts about the geology and flora and fauna around the area.
    At the skywalk, there are buses that come every 30 minutes to take you back to the car park. So there's no time limit!
    There's an option of taking a free audio tour. I took one but someone was speaking to me when I was listening to the instructions, so I missed all of the instructions on how to use it!

    Theres a path that takes you to the main skywalk and on the way to it, there is amazing views of the other glaciers surrounding. You can also spot some of the waterfalls and streams that come from the glacier.

    The main platform was quite an experience! Probably not the best for someone with fear of heights, but it is quite an adrenaline rush being able to see the bottom from under your feet! There are quite a lot of people around, but the views are amazing. It's worth going!

    You'll also see some mountain goats climbing up the side of the mountains. It's interesting to see how they manage to do that on such a steep mountain side!

    Afterwards, we made our way back to the bus line and took the bus back to the centre.

    Overall this whole experience was great, it's worth going to both the glaciers and skywalk if u have the time! In my opinion, walking on the glaciers was my favourite out if the two!
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