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  • Day2

    Buenis Aries at last

    December 1, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    My day started at 430am in Brisbane on 1 dec - it finished at my air bnb at 920pm On 1 Dec. but is actual hours it was just under 30hours.

    The flight from Chile followed the snow cap Andes for about 10minutes, we flew quite low the view was spectacular.

    As expected I arrived in BA to no luggage Air Canada first flight is early tomorrow morning they expect it to be on that. Let’s hope so. I did manage to get 25 pesos from the airline - at least I have something not much.
    Customs was a no brainer thank goodness.
    But now to get a car 8000peso to start with they said I had to pay cash - well I have no cash eventually they say I can pay by card. Cool driver organized I’m on my way. and the ATM outside also worked and gave me some money, things are looking up

    First impressions of BA - left had drive cars, roads and wide and flat, no horns seem to follow road rules. Well that’s a lot different form India, a pleasant surprise. The driver takes me directly to my accomodations, The doorman lets me in but from there it goes down hill. I have the building but no unit number . I go up and down 3 times until I knock on a random door for the man to explain I need level 11. Finally I find the unit and guess what - no one is home.

    I come close to sitting on the floor and crying. I check my emails and find Norma has had to go out and the key is downstairs with the doorman, back i go. Pointing gesturing finally he realises I want the key that been left for me. In amongst all of this I met George who lives on same level as Norma. He takes me up to the rooftop for a view of BA and explains in spainenglish he is a massage therapist.

    The Airbnb is beautiful just like the pics so Im happy with that.
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