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  • Day40

    Second last day

    August 31 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Another 30k day today, but feeling better than yesterday. There were still some long hills, but the day overall seemed easier.
    There were long stretches on the side of the road, and long straight sections of track. I didn't remember this. Did I take an alternative route before? Or was I distracted? 😂 I will have to check.

    I walked alone most of the day, except a short section I walked with Jan. Since starting the way back, we don't see anyone walking in the same direction - everyone seems to be going the other way.
    We didn't expect to see anyone we knew, as it's been several days since we got to Santiago and people we meet on the way normally make it within a day or two. But, surprise! We saw Svenia!
    She was now walking with her sister. She showed me photos of Milka, when she arrived to Santiago and then Finisterre.
    We're back at the same albergue in A Pena now, waiting for the communal dinner 😋
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