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  • Day11

    Naples by night

    May 11 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Early evening we walk into town along 5th Avenue, a road packed full of expensive shops and restaurants, most of which seem to be Italian.

    We continue walking until we reach the beach, beautiful white sand but as there is quite a breeze the sea looks a bit choppy. We walk along the shoreline until we reach the Pier and then head back into the town in search of a drink and a meal. The price's in these restaurants is quite a bit more than we expected but then again when we looked in a realtors window you don't get much around here for under a couple of million dollars.

    We have a drink in a bar and then it's The Old Pub for a burger. We then retrace our way back down 5th Avenue which is now lit up with fairy lights around the Palm trees, halfway back we sit and listen to a busker playing the violin, he was very good.
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    this is a beautiful picture of you Mum...Next profile pic on FB xx [sarah]


    Ah thanks xx


    good one of you too dad xx [sarah]

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