• Day13

    Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers

    November 12, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    The sun was shining beautifully in the morning so we quickly had breakfast and asked the homestay for a scooter. Unfortunately they wanted to keep our passport which we weren't so happy about so we thought we would go wander and find somewhere else. As a traveller our passports are thee most precious things and if we can help it we really try and avoid giving it to anyone.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time until we realised how spread out everything is. We walked 30 mins in the burning heat and everyone was quoting crazy prices at us or twice the price as the coco farm. In the end we just walked back and handed them our passport making sure it was kept in a safe locked drawer.

    It was 10:30am and we were finally on our way. The famous Chocolate Hills were about 2.5 hours drive away so we got our rocket boosters on! At about 11:30am we saw a really busy local restaurant and decided to have an early lunch. It was a good job too as once again the heavens opened. We waited for it to slow down and then we went on our way to Chocolate Hills, the locals laughed at our dedication to keep going. We drove straight there with one short break taking cover under someone's porch when the rain was too heavy.

    When we arrived it was actually quite good. Was it the best mountain range I've seen. Of course not. But the hills did look like chocolate truffles coming out of the ground so I can see the gimmick. We drove all the way to the top of the main viewing deck, walked around, took some snaps and had a well deserved coffee in the restaurant. The food looked great and was actually reasonably priced. Someone across from us ordered the calamari and it looked so yum,but we were too full.

    Next stop was the twin hanging bridge, then rode alongside the turquoise Loboc River, the ancient church and then sped on down to the Tarsier Sanctuary reaching it just in time before closing. We saw 5 Tarsiers hiding in in the trees. They were so adorable!!

    All in all it was a fun day of getting out and about, but having now done all the "sights" I don't think I really understand the hype of Bohol. Yes it has diving, hills, rice terraces, rare animals and beaches, but they are all average. To be honest I think its definitely an island that could be missed.
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