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  • Day7

    First we take Berlin

    September 27, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today was a moving day, as we were on the go from before sunrise in Rome until the sun set over Berlin.

    It began with us being collected outside our apartment in Rome and driven through the winding roads of the capital to Fiumicino airport 45 minutes away. Our driver picked us up at 6.50am for our 10.20am flight, which made me think the airport might be in another country, or that the transport company was going for the full historical experience by picking us up in a horse and cart. It was neither disappointingly. It's just that the airport takes some getting to and it pays to check in with time to spare. I didn't mind being so early once I wandered around the terminal though. Like much of Rome the airport has an effortless air of style and is a nice place to be.

    While we were wandering around I was treated to a sight that could only happen in Rome, a large group of nuns taking a selfie. I thought of photo-bombing, but didn't want to risk eternal damnation, or a kick in the nuts from a blessed Daughter of the Sacrament.

    Eventually we boarded our easyJet flight, after some unexplained delay. The flight left 25 minutes late, but the pilot must have fed it the herbs and we arrived only 5 minutes late. Then we waited 20 minutes in the terminal for the luggage to start showing up on the conveyor belt. I could sense I was about to go full Hulk smash when Hans must have found his fake arm and the bags started to appear. Our driver met us at arrivals, then explained that he'd had to park in the other terminal building park as so many roads were closed because of the Turkish president visiting Berlin. I thought nothing of this until later at our hotel I received a call from the Segway tour company informing me that I could take an abridged tour today or reschedule, because of the disrupted route due to his Turkishness. I naturally rescheduled as I want the full noise Berlin Segway goodness. That left us with some time available, so we wandered down the road to the Deutsches Technik Museum. Great place for a nerd and it would be ideal for a class visit. I just have to raise the 100k to get them here.

    After a couple of hours museumyness I'd worked up a hunger so we had a walk down Stresemannstrasse and I spied a likely spot. Because we were in Berlin I thought it only right that we should dine Mexican style, so Burritos it was, finished off with strudel and fresh cream of course, because I'm not an animal.

    Tomorrow the Segways will get thrashed like a redheaded stepchild. Until then, tschuss.
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