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  • Day40

    G R A N D E . S E R R E . T R O P I C A

    June 19 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Après avoir passer la matinée au lac, je retourne à Berlin car j'ai toujours en travers de la gorge le fait de pas avoir pu visiter la grande serre du jardin botanique. Comme c'est juste 3€ après 17h et que j'arrive pile dans les temps, c'est l'occasion rêvée !
    Je pose mon sac a la consigne et, enfin, les portes de la grande serre tropicale s'ouvrent pour moi, comme une queen ~
    Je n'ai aucuns mots assez durs pour décrire l'intensité de mon émerveillement. J'aurais pu rester là des heures, à me balader entre les palmiers, les bambous géants, les baobabs, les lianes et les fleurs gigantesques, mais il y avait tellement de salles.. Je m'attarde également dans la salle dédiée aux succulents et cactus, celle des plantes carnivores où j'ai littéralement vu une mouche se faire gober par une fleur géante sur un arbre okallllm.. Tout ici est magnifique, l'ambiance est très chaude et humide, l'odeur vend du rêve, ils ont même mis un enregistrement avec des bruits d'animaux de la jungle.. Je suis vraiment contente d'être revenue ici, puis clairement, il fallait que je prenne ma revanche sur la meuf qui nous a chassé. BOOM BIATCH.
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    Yves Silberberg

    T'en avais vraiment une grosse envie. Kromlau-Berlin, c'est pas un vraiment à côté. Ton prochain road trip sera en forêt amazonienne. 😄😄

    Noémie Silberberg

    bin a l'échelle de l'Allemagne ça va, ça fait que 2h30 de trajet hihi

    Roselide TOMASI

    Après la lune les tropiques : tu voyages pas que dans plusieurs pays mais aussi dans plusieurs dimensions Buz

    Noémie Silberberg

    oui c'est grave ça ! au moins j'en vois de toutes les couleurs ahah

    Sylvie Clemente

    Impressionnant !

  • Day14

    📍Arrivée à Berlin !

    March 21 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Dès dimanche soir, nous avons la chance d’être tous hébergés dans différentes familles d’accueils : des parents d’élèves pour certains et une professeure pour d’autres. Ces derniers nous réservent tous un accueil chaleureux, quel plaisir !

    📻 On commence bien la semaine par une matinée interview enregistrée par la radio de l’école. Cette radio publie des petits podcasts chaque semaine sur la vie de l’école ; notre intervention est donc une bonne occasion pour nous interviewer (le lien du podcast :…)

    On démarre ensuite les interventions ! On commence avec une classe de terminale très à l'aise avec les notions présentées puisqu'il s'agit d'une classe en spécialité SVT, qui a déjà pu approfondir le thème du climat et de ses enjeux. S'ensuit une petite session "orientation" afin d'expliquer notre parcours scolaire et les débouchés possibles.

    On continue l'après-midi avec une classe de 4ème.
    👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Les élèves sont adorables : ils participent super bien et sont très attentifs ; ils sont même prêts à louper leur recréation pour nous écouter, c’est pour dire…

    On réalise avec eux la Fresque du Climat, encore une fois tout se passe pour le mieux.

    On laisse libre cours à leur imagination pour la décoration de la Fresque : on est agréablement surpris de leurs compétences artistiques !

    En conclusion, premier jour d'intervention très positif, on se demande si l’on ne va pas échanger nos costumes d’ingénieurs contre ceux de professeurs à la fin de notre périple...
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    Valerie Falletti

    Super!! Sympa l’interview 🤪

    Guillaume Falletti


    Corinne Bollade

    Cool de vous entendre tous les 5 ! Je vous ai trouvés très à l'aise et clairs dans vos explications, bravo cette 1ère interview est réussie

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  • Day4


    October 8, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Wir haben mal „zweimal Einheimisch“ bestellt. Da poltert der Busfahrer: „einheimisch bin ikke hia. Eene aussterbende Rasse!“ - dann weiß man auch gleich was los ist. Aber alles mit einem lächeln. Berlin ist bis jetzt sehr freundlich.

    Ein Gutschein für eine Touribus Rundfahrt ist und bleibt immer ein super Weihnachtsgeschenk.
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    Touribus ist ‚must have‘

  • Day18

    Third Day in Berlin

    June 10 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Today is Friday, June 10, and our third day in Berlin. The city is vibrant and supremely diverse. Some neighborhoods like Charlottenburg, where our first hotel was located, abound in fancy stores (lots of them sounded familiar to me because they advertise in the NYT), but you don't have to look far to see the suffering of the newly arrived, the poor and the homeless (more than in any other city we've been in except Hamburg). On a somber note: Two days ago there was an attack on a monument to WWII (a church that is missing its old spire and main nave) and despite talk of a terrorist attack, a preliminary investigation determined that the perpetrator is mentally ill (one person died and fourteen are seriously injured). I'm mentioning this because Nils and I walked by that area the first day we arrived, after having experienced major delays at the train station (the attack had happened a couple of hours before). We didn't realize something serious had happened until we tried to take the train to the other side of town and found they were not running. And the police were everywhere. Today, two days later, life has gone back to normal (for everyone except the victims and their loved ones). Yesterday we went to the Jewish Museum (a must-see), and later in the day we met Nils's childhood friend Kai, who was coming from the airport, and with whom we had a nice dinner in a typical German restaurant last night. Today the three of us moved to another hotel (a time-share sort of thing that Kai has had forever) near the Zoo, and spent the day absorbing the energy of the city before tonight's concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra hall. We are super blessed with all these opportunities to feed our souls with beauty.Read more

    Nils Jacobsen

    Great impressions, Irene! You forgot to mention that wespent 6 hours at the Jeeish museum, and we did not see everything.

    Irene Jacobsen

    Yes, I forgot to mention we spent nearly six hours at the Jewish Museum (including a half-hour for lunch). There's just so much to see, read and learn. Thanks to whoever runs this museum for English translations.


    I don't entirely understand the monument: do the blocks represent a single murdered Jew? Are there that many blocks? [Diana]

    Irene Jacobsen

    The official name of the monument is Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. There is a good Wikipedia page about it here:…

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  • Day20

    June 12: Last Day in Berlin

    June 12 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Well, all good things come to an end, and so our trip ends tonight. The only activity planned for today is a lunch with family members who live in Berlin; we'll go to a "Biergarten" in the middle of a park, so that sounds interesting. Yesterday Nils went back to the Jewish Museum because Kai had never seen the permanent exhibition; Nils went to the special one on Moses Mendelssohn, a noted philosopher and theologian (and pioneer of Jewish Enlightenment). They also visited the headquarters of the SPD (the Socialist party), called Willy-Brandt-Haus (in honor of the chancellor). Nils and I had gone by the SPD HQ the other day on the way to the Museum, but it was closed (and since Willy Brandt is a person Nils deeply admires, he made sure to return when it was open). I wanted to have a day without public transportation, so I went to the Zoo, which is five minutes from our hotel. It turns out it's the oldest zoo in Germany (dating from 1844), and one of the most visited zoos in Europe. I had been there years ago with Nils and our friend Daniel from Avignon and his two youngest children, but a zoo is a living creature, always changing, and so it felt new. Animals, flowers, neatly kept grounds, mild weather, people-watching: What's not to like? I was sad not to see the lone wolf who resides in the zoo, as I have a soft spot for all canines. A sign says he's an old Canadian wolf, and that the zoo is waiting for him to die so they can renew the wolf living quarters and bring an entire family. Thank you, Nils, for planning this beautiful trip through Germany!Read more

    Love the animal pics! [Diana]

    Irene Jacobsen

    Yes, it's wonderful to look at animals, even though I feel sorry for them when they are all alone (esp. if they are pack animals, like that old Canadian wolf), and when they need a lot of room to move about (that would be all wild animals, including birds).


    A lovely last day, with public transport closed once again in Berlin, this time due to a converging bicycle rally clogging West Berlins busy streets. Berlin is so multicultural now that you hear more foreign tongues than German (everything from Hindi and Russian to Spanish and Brazilian). [Nils]

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  • Day4

    Checkpoint Charlie

    October 8, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Der Checkpoint Charlie war einer der Berliner Grenzübergänge durch die Berliner Mauer zwischen 1961 und 1990. Er verband in der Friedrichstraße zwischen Zimmerstraße und Kochstraße (beim gleichnamigen U-Bahnhof) den Sowjetischen mit dem Amerikanischen Sektor und damit den Ost-Berliner Bezirk Mitte mit dem West-Berliner Bezirk Kreuzberg.

    Hier standen sich am 27.10.1961 die Panzer mit geladenen Rohren Auge in Auge.
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  • Day9

    Day 9🇩🇪

    July 29 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Woke up in Fürth, a small village near Nürnberg, Germany. We went into town early to get breakfast and walk around before our train for Berlin. Stopped at a local bakery and got a few pastries and a coffee from the nearby Starbucks. I felt quite tired so I was a bit grumpy that morning (sorry Lampros!).
    Today is a big day of travelling, since our final destination will be Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a big trip with 5 different trains to catch. There are direct trains to Copenhagen from Hamburg but they’re all booked and we can’t get any seats. So it’ll have to be that way! We are prepared!
    Getting to Berlin we had just a couple of hours, so we walked out of the station, went to gate of Brandenburg, saw the parliament “Reichstag” building and the Jew monument. Then walked back to the station, had a delicious Chinese “make yourself” bowl, and ran to our next train. Next destination Hamburg.
    Getting to Hamburg we had an hour to spend, so we again walked out, went about a bit and then back to the station. From Hamburg, we had to go Flensburg. In the beginning we got the wagons mixed up a bit, so we had to run to the right one and I got a bad cramp - but we eventually got there and found seats next to each other. The time was passing and we were getting tired..
    Getting to Flensburg we had to wait for two hours before the next train. When that train arrived there were only two wagons but a lot more people then they could fit. The train journey was 1h 30m, and more than half the people on the train were standing cause they weren’t any seats. On top of that, because we were crossing boarders they had to check our passports so they made all the people that were standing to get off the train and then board it again. Getting to Fredericia we - again - had about an hour to spare and we were getting hungry, but there was nothing around to eat - plus it was super early in the morning so there was also nothing open. We shared a couple of cereal bars and waited for the next train. It started getting cold so I changed from shorts to trousers. At last, our last train arrived, we boarded quickly and tried to sleep. Last destination - Copenhagen!
    We arrived in Copenhagen early hours of the morning, found the bus to the zoo and called Stamos to open up for us! It felt so nice to be here. ❤️ home away from home. Having a shower, getting to bed and waking up to lots of washing!!!!😂👖👚👕🧼🛁🧺
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    Kanella Koutsi

    καλη ορεξη😀😀😀

    Stella Tacha

    What a journey xx

    Stamos Tahas

    What a marathon to get here! At least you won't be getting me up at 4:30 in the morning .... right?! ...

    Kiki Taha

    Hahaha not soon at least!!!

  • Day1

    Welcome Berlin

    July 28 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Nach einem kurzen Flug sind wir gut in Berlin gelandet. Die grösste Herausforderung war es jedoch den richtigen Zug zu finden 🙈
    Mit tausend Apps und der Anzeige hat es dann doch geklappt. Und hey, wir können vom.9.- Euro-Ticket profitieren 🎉 echt genial!

    Dank dem online-check-in konnten wir sogar bereits um 12 Uhr ins Zimmer und uns sommerlich anziehen - hier in Berlin ist es ganz schön warm.

    Wir haben den Alexanderplatz unsicher gemacht, die Hackeschen Höfe, einen Wasserturm besichtigt und viele Läden abgeklappert. Mit dem E-Roller sind wir zum vielversprechenden Zeha gefahren, welcher ein Flopp war 😅 aber das Rollerfahren hat Spass gemacht ☺️

    Info an alle: nehmt keine 100 Euro-Scheine mit, das mögen die Berliner überhaupt nicht 🙈

    Sonst viel gelacht, geglotzt, gelästert und Spässle gemacht ❤️
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    Ute Gutwein


    Ute Gutwein

    Meine zwei wunderbaren Töchter 🥰❤🥰

  • Day2

    Berlin Sightseeing

    July 29 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Bereits ist Tag 2 vorbei und wir liegen müde im Bett 🤣 aber hey - auch heute 20'000 Schritte gemacht.

    Vom Hotel am Alexanderplatz ging es zuerst zum Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft, welcher aber blöderweise von einem Strassenfeststand versteckt war, na ja dann eben weiter zum Neptunbrunnen, welcher direkt an der St. Marienkirche liegt. Von dort aus zum Berliner Dom (und nein Mama, wir waren nicht drin 🤣). Daneben liegt gleich der Lustgarten von dem aus man schöne Fotos machen konnte.

    Um die Zeit bis zur Spree-Bootsfahrt zu überbrücken haben wir uns einen Kaffee im Nikolaiviertel gegönnt, welches hübsch anzusehen ist (ich möchte ja nicht wissen, was man dort an Miete bezahlt 🙈)...

    Die Fahrt mit dem Boot war dank der Stühle und des Windes eine Wohltat, mit spannenden Infos schipperten wir rund eine Stunde gemütlich auf dem Wasser. Am Haus der Kulturen der Welt sind wir dann spontan ausgestiegen und sind zum Brandenburger Tor gelaufen. Danach hiess es Shopping-Time, was jedoch nicht so wirklich eintraff. Der Zalando-Outlet war ein Flopp 😒

    Abends waren wir da richtig Deutsch Essen - in Restaurant Julchen Hoppe gab es fett Knödel, Kartoffelbrei, Gulasch und Rouladen mit Rotkraut 😋 ein Nachtisch hat leider nicht mehr reingepasst.

    Müde gehen wir nun zu Bett 😴
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    Ute Gutwein

    Scheint ein toller Tag gewesen zu sein (auch ohne Besuch im Berliner Dom) 🤣🤣🤣 Schlaft gut und schöne Träume 😁🌟😍😘

    Nicole Gutwein

    ja ☺️ pfus au guet 😘

    Nadine Fehr-Gutwein

    Ja das war er😊 viel zu schnell vorbei🤷‍♀️

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  • Day3

    Sonniger Samstag in Berlin

    July 30 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Humbold Universität
    Checkpoint Charlie
    Mall of Berlin
    M&Ms World
    Topographie des Terrors
    Berliner Mauer
    Strandbar Checkpoint Charlie
    Cruisen mit dem E-Roller durch die Stadt
    Strandbar Mitte
    Nightlife an der Spree

    So, dass war unser Programm 😅 entsprechend müde, sind wir abends ins Bett gefallen 🤣
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    Ute Gutwein


    Nicole Gutwein

    Geheimrechtlicher Dienst, Gutwein am Apparat 🤣

    Ute Gutwein

    Waren heisse Zeiten damals 🤔

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