• Day1

    New Years Eve Party Day

    December 31, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    The year is coming to a fast end after a tough year of bushfires and COVID, it was time to send it off Redwood style. Packed the van and headed out to Jane and Pete’s Redwood ASH Stud, Kane and Pete had the fire cranked up and a good supply of wood when we arrived, Mel had her self setup in the gooseneck and Kane and Jack had the tent up, parked the van and a quick 5 minute setup we good to go.
    Time to get the meat on the spit, lamb and chook, followed by a few afternoon bevies, the day was a bit windy but was warm in the sun but as the day went on the fire was the place to be.
    The girls finished preparing all the tucker and then got their drinking boots on, dinner was great and a big shout out for Jane’s scallop potato with sweet potato a great combo.
    Lots more drinking and yakking, and lots of laughter as we made our way to midnight, Jane made the party with her backwards redwood cap and a swag of midori’s on the go.
    No countdown just a cheer for the end of 2020 and a little burst of fireworks from far away, we made it till 1 o’clock in 2021 and hit the sack.
    What a crazy year, thanks to all our great friends for making the end of it good, with our few COVIDSafe get togethers.
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