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  • Day8

    Last Day in Amsterdam!

    April 6, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Yesterday was the most fun! We started the day with some delicious bacon and eggs in a cozy cafe overlooking a canal. Tim had coffee while I had a very healthy apple carrot ginger juice. After breakfast we walked along a canal and hopped on a “Friendship” canal tour boat. We spent the next hour sipping cocktails and Heinekens as our tour guide told us some history of the canals and Amsterdam and pointed out some interesting buildings and bridges. He pointed out a draw bridge where couples who kiss in the middle will last forever (more on that later!) We kissed underneath as well just to be safe.

    After our beautiful canal tour, we popped into a nearby cafe for some beers. Then we walked along canals until we found a cafe that our airbnb hosts had recommended for lunch. We found a table on a terrace just 3 feet from the canal and enjoyed a leisurely lunch watching ducks and boats go by right below us and under a nearby bridge. Tim had a delicious Dutch sandwich of roast beef and peanut sauce while I had very tasty Chilean empanada. After a couple hours (and a couple more drinks!), we decided to have a coffee and explore the city.

    We wandered along canals for the next two or three hours, goofing off and popping into cafes and bars every so often for drinks. We found the drawbridge the guide had showed us earlier as the sun was setting and had another kiss to make sure our love would last forever (apparently a marriage isn’t enough for the Dutch!!). After some time on the bridge, we decided to go to our (now late) dinner. We spent about 45 minutes looking for a place recommended by our hosts but had a hard time. Eventually we found the restaurant but it was closed for renovations. Being so late, we decided finding a Chinese restaurant may be the best course of action. After wandering for about a half hour, we stumbled upon a very fancy looking restaurant and decided that might be better than Chinese. We wandered into the restaurant and were seated immediately ( good thing too...because it was 9:45 and we were starving). Over the next two hours we enjoyed a bottle of Spanish red, some very rare filet mignon and two lobsters all while goofing off and making a bit of a scene! To top the meal off, we had some coffee drinks (Baileys for Tim and amaretto for me) before making the slow wander home.

    We very much enjoyed Amsterdam and will definitely be back in the future. We had a blast and are very sad to leave (but are excited to get back to Georgie, Scamp, and Bella).
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    Sunshine Bwamp


    Sunshine Bwamp

    Great trip. Always glad to have you home. 😘

    Courtney Johnson


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