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  • Day5


    August 20, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    It's a beautiful medieval town on the mouth of the river Eume. Its named for the old bridge there that's supposed to be the longest arched bridge in Spain. It's also a resort town, even though the beaches are on the other side of the bridge.

    After my rest stop and coffee the Camino split, giving two options to walk. I took the road to the right because I knew Sharon wanted me to take a picture of a the horse just down the road from the split. Most of today's walk has been in the country side. What a blessing from the industrial areas. I was able to focus on what I am here for.

    A bit further down was a table with coolers of drinks, sandwiches, sweets and fruit. And all this after I was just thanking God for this trip. I've read about Camino Angels setting these food stands up for a donation as you pass by. With Covid and all I was wondering if I would see some. Anyway I was hungry for lunch and stopped and had a beer, a sandwich and a banana. It was all down hill from there to Pontedeume. It's a short Camino but you still get hills to go up and over.

    I arrived at my hotel/bar. Reception is in the bar. The owner told me I had to leave my bag, for luggage transfer, at a local café in the morning. So I said ok and went up to my room to shower and relax and found I didn't have the wifi code. When I went down the bar it was closed. So now I'm getting nervous. I ended up calling the transfer service and the found someone who could speak English and worked out the new pick up with them and then went to the café and confirmed with them too. Now I have to work on getting wifi...... got it!

    I forgot to mention, they have the biggest hydrangeas I've ever seen, the flowers dwarf what we have here.

    Ps the hotel's name translates to Cheap Hotel Norte. Don't believe me? See the notice from my room below. Actually the owner is very nice and they get some fairly decent reviews.

    Pps. In Galicia they have the coolest mini barns to store gains. The style of building dates back over a thousand years. They are called horreos and are set on rock pillars with a big overhanging stone cap. the stone cap keeps the rats out of the grain.
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    Very interesting! [Sharon]