• Day52

    Tambopata National Reserve

    October 17, 2016 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    4 days of sweating at this nature reserve in the Peruvian Amazon! Compared to Cusco it was the right opposite! Taking off all the layers of socks, pants etc and changing it to as breezy clothes as possible!

    Compared to all the tours we allready did in Ecuador or Peru, this 4-day trip was really relaxing but nonetheless we did quite a lot:
    Kayaking, rustic fishing, visiting a native family, hiking through the rainforest, enjoying lake sandoval and of course we did a lot of animal spotting:
    - Caimans
    - Monkeys such as black & white capuchin, tamarines, squirrel monkeys, scull monkeys, spider monkeys and red howler
    - parrots, parakeets & lots of other different birds
    - giant otters
    - bats
    - tarantulas & lots of other insects

    Our highlights:

    - One was definitely at Lake Sandoval, where out of nowhere more than 80 scull monkeys, accompanied by red howler and capuchins, crossed our way! We couldn't believe what just happened above our heads!

    - Another highlight - more for Alex ;-) - was a one month old spider monkey, who was rescued from a tour guide of our lodge. Every free second she spent playing with him, whos mother got killed by hunters.

    - Last but not least, we really enjoyed the excellent food they cooked every day!
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