• Day21

    Mainland, Sihanoukville

    March 26, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Having a reflective moment as I head back from Koh Rong Samleom on the boat while the sun sets around me. Despite having one of the best weeks in my life and meeting some wonderful people it's undeniable I'm feeling very homesick and quite emotional.

    I almost feel guilty wanting to be back in my own bed or having Sunday dinner with my family or just being able to see my friends when I've been given the experience of a life time. It makes me realise the wonderful people I have at home and although it's been refreshing meeting so many people I connect with on such a good level it's also made me acknowledge the amazing relationships I have at home and how special each and everyone of them are.

    Travelling on my own is a unique experience. Its tiring constantly making friends and taking matters into your own hands, being the only one responsible for you. Anyone who I speak to in groups, when I say I'm travelling on my own say how brave I am. In all honesty, I didn't even think about how brave what it is I am doing. I just knew I wanted to travel and live a different lifestyle to what I was comfortable with and that was it. Despite occasionally wanting to have a friend there to just not have to try to hard with or know they will always be there if something goes wrong, I wouldn't change travelling alone. It's pushed me to do little things here and there that I would never have done having been in a group or with someone else. But I guess you could call this character building?

    My perspective is another thing that's changed. Previously, whenever I saw someone eating or doing something on their own I would think how lonely that must be. However, now I have a completely different view and I'm grateful for alone time, just getting to be at one with my thoughts, something I probably wouldn't have done as in depth if I was in the comfort of people I already knew.

    Taking things for granted is another thing I certainly did and still do. Clean sheets for one is something I dearly miss, especially having observed bed bugs for the first time in my most recent hostel. However, being here has made me realise how much I do take life for granted and spectating so many different lives (most less fortunate than me) and meeting other travellers with their own individual stories made me realise the bubble I live in and that now I'm out of it, the world is really quite big.
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