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  • Day21

    Day 20 - Rude & Disrespectful

    December 30, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    We had breakfast at the canteen, we both ordered muesli & coffee. It was then back to Beautiful Beach to secure our usual spot.

    Our usual route took us down to Relax Bay Beach, then across to Bamboo Beach & on to Beautiful Beach. As we passed Bamboo Beach, we saw a western man in his 70s walking stark bo£&%ck naked along the sand & enter the sea. Now we are not prudes, but there is absolutely no need for that behaviour, there are signs everywhere requesting that people dress modestly, including no topless sunbathing, let alone bottomless.

    By the time we reached Beautiful Beach we were all hot & bothered, it was an exceptionally hot day, so we chose to sit under the palm trees. At lunchtime we went liquid at the beach shack.

    In the afternoon we returned to the palm trees 🌴, but before long we had been invaded by ants, our mats were crawling with them. We vacated back to the sand, unfortunately taking a lot of the little buggers with us. Not the relaxing afternoon we had envisioned.

    That night we took a beach stroll & used my phone to identify the really bright star that from our location shines directly below the moon & half way between the moon & the horizon. It was the planet Venus.

    We ended up in Yawee Restaurant for dinner, which doesn’t serve alcohol. We were really hungry, which was bad news, because we started ordering comfort food. I had fried chicken for starters & main. Jackie had fried prawns. After we had finished our 2nd starter arrived, vegetable spring rolls which were also fried. We left feeling a bit sick.

    Song of the Day - Venus by the feelers.
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    derek annals

    Happy Newyear to you both hope 2020 will be a good oneand healthy xxx

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Happy Birthday Dad😎. Have a lovely day & we will see you in the New Year xxx