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  • Jan24

    Day 46 - My Nurse Diagnoses Pneumonia

    January 24 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Woke up at 2.30am absolutely freezing & shivering under the duvet. I thought the air-con unit had gone haywire. Jackie work up with clothes discarded & announced she was boiling hot. I put on my fleece, got back into bed & went back to sleep again.

    At 5.30am we both woke up again & Jackie informed me that my head, chest & back were on fire, but I felt just comfortable. Nurse Jackie then conducted a rigorous interrogation of my symptoms which included an aching body. She made me check my heart rate numerous times & take an ECG. All came back fairly normal, so she then trawled through the internet & after considering several illnesses, she settled on pneumonia.

    We got back to sleep again around 7am & slept for almost 2 hours by which time I felt much better & so we ordered a omelette with our coffee from Silly Ninny. When they came they looked horrific, the fried tomato, onion & mushroom omelettes were huge & to top it off they both had 3 sheets of processed cheese melted over the top. It didn’t actually taste too bad, but it was way to greasy. The decision to order an omelette was a massive mistake. I wanted to take a photo of it but Silly Ninny wouldn’t stop watching us eat.

    We returned to the room & I was soon running to the toilet. Enough said!

    We are now of the opinion that my body has overdosed on fried food & is rejecting it. We also think our aching bodies are down to our swimming exertions the day before.

    After settling the stomach we picked up a couple of bags of fruit, mango & pineapple for a healthy lunch & a couple of Changs & a bottle of water. Probably all a bit to late now!

    Belatedly, we headed back to Freedom Beach for a day on their deckchairs. I couldn’t face a beer at lunch & I was grateful that they did have very nice toilets, because I needed them on 3 occasions. Apart from wallowing in the sea, we did nothing. We had a break from snorkelling.

    That evening I was still feeling dicky, but Jackie was keen to have the same Massaman curry I had had on the first night. We ordered just one curry & rice, with one large Leo & a bottle of water. Apart from 2 mouthfuls of sauce & rice I couldn’t face anymore, but I did managed to drink the beer & water, so we had a 2nd Leo.

    I had promised myself a Nutella & banana pancake, so we walked down to the pier & ordered one just for me. Jackie ate a third of it.

    Back at our room over a nightcap, I managed to access the Diamond Tour photos for the day we were with them. There were 134 photos, but none featured us, generally they were of the same few show offs who didn’t wear a life jacket. I managed to Airdrop a couple to my iPad (not such a technophobe after all!)

    Song of the Day: Fever by Daniel Ash.
    Shiver And Shake by Ryan Adams.
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