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  • Jan28

    Day 50 - Back in the Game

    January 28 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    I had the night sweats or more accurately sleep sweats for a 4th night in a row, but because I hadn’t slept that much the bed was damp more than saturated. I did however feel perfectly fine.

    At 10am we popped down to reception to await the arrival of our scooter & to get an iced coffee. Pat had forgotten to order our scooter & hurriedly ordered one for us.

    We were on the road by 10.30am & heading to Thong Sala for some retail therapy. We spent the morning hunting around for souvenirs with limited success.

    For a bit of culture, we visited Wat Phu Khao Noi, one of the smallest temples in the country, but the oldest on Ko Phangan. The hill upon which it sits has been designated a historic site. Jackie was not sufficiently modestly dressed, so she guarded the scooter, whilst I wandered around & snapped away.

    We then stopped at Lotus for provisions, mainly alcohol & snacks & headed back towards the resort. We stopped at What’s Cup, a cafe for a bowl of smoothie & an Hawaiian sandwich which were excellent & with a pleasant vista.

    It was then back to our place for an afternoon around the pool & with no side effects from lunch. So that evening we went back out on the scooter & headed south. We found a Thai restaurant called Zak. I ordered chicken & cashew nuts, whilst Jackie showed Zak a photo on her phone of the dish she would like. It was spicy prawns with rice & egg on top. Zak said he could do that & by god could he. He returned with a virtual replica of the photo which was apparently very tasty. With my appetite restored, I ate all my dinner & even managed some snacks when we got home.

    I feel that I am now back to my normal self which is a blessed relief. The ultimate test will be whether I do or don’t have sleep sweats tonight.

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