• Jan31

    Day 53 - Firecrackers at Dawn

    January 31 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Before we had got out of bed, the morning silence, around 9am, had been shattered by the sound of firecrackers. We got up & set up camp in our usual place & Joe, the waiter informed us it was the last day of the Thai New Year, hence the firecrackers throughout the morning.

    Despite the firecrackers, the sea was calm & we went snorkelling for a good half hour, but apart from a few small fish there wasn’t a lot to see. We needed the exercise.

    At lunch we wandered down to Dubble Duke for a couple of beers to wash down an overpriced cheese & ham baguette & french fries that we shared. Over lunch we booked our hotel for our final 2 nights in Thailand & was rather pleased with the price. We have just got to get to it now on Wednesday, but that’s another story!

    The afternoon was just sun, sun, sun until Jackie abandoned me at 4pm for an hour long all over body massage with aloe vera. She came back radiant & gushing about how fantastic it had been….all for just 350 Baht. Apparently most of the resort have had to witness her exposed buttocks.

    With Jackie in a buoyant mood, we decided to have more happy hour cocktails & knowing what we like, we ordered 2 White Russians with an Orange Daiquiri chaser again. Very pleasant.

    That evening, for the very 1st time, we chose to have dinner at our resort restaurant, principally because it was open & there were no families with screaming infants dining. We ordered our dinner & sat back to enjoy the serenity of the quiet empty beach & fishing boats on the horizon. All of a sudden 9 (they’ve recruited another) Russian boys ran shouting on to the beach armed with spades. They then proceeded to build & trash each other castles, which if nothing else did provide a bit of entertainment.

    When our dinner it arrived, it was delicious & as good as anything we had had on our trip so far. Jackie had spicy pineapple & pork, whilst I had fried mushrooms with chicken.

    Over a Hong Thong on the balcony, we reflected on our trip & couldn’t believe that we would be home in literally a couple of days. The last week has absolutely flown by.

    Song of the Day: Firecracker by Ryan Adams.
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