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  • Feb1

    Day 54 - Final Day at Salad Beach

    February 1 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Our sleep patterns are now back to normal with no mysterious sweats. Sadly it was our last proper nights sleep. Tomorrow we would be back on the mainland by the time we got out of bed this morning.

    We did a bit of packing, reserved our sun beds then toddled down the beach to Coral Beach restaurant for a final avocado & poached eggs on toast. I took a risk & went fried with french toast. It was a splendid breakfast to savour, washed down with iced lattes & coffee shakes.

    Thanks to my mother, I have now discovered the joys (or addiction) of Wordle. It made a nice change to reading a book & I have so far played 48 games with a 100% success rate………..just saying!

    Lunch was literally just a couple of Hong Thongs on the balcony, weaning ourselves off Chang!

    The afternoon was more of the same until 5pm, when we reluctantly called it a day. We packed as much as we possibly could, showered & settled down to a couple of sundowners & watched one of our better sunsets.

    We went back to our restaurant for our final meal. Pat & Joe were both still on duty so I forced them into having their photo taken for my blog, because this was to be the last day of our acquaintance. Pat asked us if she wanted her to give us a knock at 4am to make sure we were up & wouldn’t miss the taxi & ferry. We declined, but it was a nice offer, that or she wanted to see the back of us!

    We ordered a beer & it felt like the absolutely perfect night to end our stay at Salad Beach. Twenty minutes later we ordered our dinner of a spicy Massaman curry & a pad Thai. Annoyingly, our dinner arrived nearly an hour later & it was just lukewarm. The Massaman curry was also too mild. We ate it, but moaned to Joe that it was too cold & he admitted that the cook had gone shopping for baby milk & the food had arrived by taxi from their other restaurant. The dishes cost just a couple of pound each & it seemed churlish to moan, but sadly it put a dampers on our final meal.

    We had a couple of quick Hong Thongs & then it was to bed.

    Song of the Day: Last Day of Our Acquaintance by Sinead O’Connor.
    Final Days by Cheap Trick.
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    Thank you for the mention, i am still trying Wordle knew you would crack it

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Well I’m such a wordsmith. I have now played 80 games with 100% wins!


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    Simon and Jackie Annals

    What do you mean leave a comment? Hahaha 🤪