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  • Day190

    Beach party

    June 5, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We wake in the morning and when we go to checkout the hotel offer us a beach front room to use all day until we leave at 1030 tonight free of charge. First thing we head out to purchase our bus tickets for tonight. We walk through the town and find the office to book our tickets and once reserved head to the small groups of shops in the centre to invest in a new pair of haviananas. In the shop I'm in heaven they are all so beautiful, I do love my havi's. There are a pair with popeye and another with olive on and I suggest we get them as a token of our anniversary, but Mark is having none of it, so I buy them anyway. Back at the hotel we move our stuff to the new room and chill out by the pool for a few hours. I feel guilty that at lunchtime we take a walk out to eat somewhere else because they've given us the room but Mark tells me not to worry and we venture to the bar at the end of the beach and it's a perfect place to eat. Its really busy which is always a good sign, and I have to say the food is really good. Back at the hotel we grab a quick shower and sit chilling out on the balcony for an hour before heading to the beach for tapas and a dj. We laugh as Mark has been Dj ing the whole trip from Brazil to Peru but the dj is playing some great tune with a Brazilian twist we sit here eating our tapas , listening to some serious tunes on one of the best beaches in the world watching the sun set. I put my ipod on time lapse as we don't have a camera anymore and just as the sun is dropping a guy comes in front of the I pod to talk to Mark and by the time he understands the sun is dead in the water, I don't mind as I get to see lots of sunsets but it's the first time I've seen time lapse as an option lol. We go back to the room the head to the bar for our last beer and a snack. The staff here have been so attentive and kind , I really couldn't pick one fault with this place ,it's been extraordinary. We bid farewell to everyone and take the short walk to the place where we'll catch the Jeep. There are quite a few people waiting and the guy tells us not to panic as there are 2 jeeps coming. Everybody aboard we make the very bumpy journey out of Jeri. The bus is due to leave at 1130 and just before we get to Jijoca the bus in front has a problem when I look the whole wheel shaft is broken and the other problem is our truck now has no lightsRead more