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  • Day200

    Buggy Tour

    June 15, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We get up in the morning to a beautiful breakfast and shortly after go to reception to book a tour. We are goig on a buggy tour of the islands today and as Mark is a little hungover its a good job it doesnt leave till 130pm. Its good because this morning we can just chill. We bid farewell to he Brazilian guys and for the rest of the morning just hangout with Alexandro and Bruna by the pool. They have decided to stay one more night and the temptation to do this is understandable. After a much needed dip in the pool as it must be 30+ degrees . The guide picks us up on time and we wai a few minutes for he two Brazilians that will join us which means we only have to pay 5 quid each. I agree with the Brazilian girl we will exchange the front seat half way through the tour. Our first stop is at Praia do Cupe the longest beach here and excellent for surfing before making our way to Porto de Galinhas beach. As we drive around he back of the beach im astounded by how many Top end complexes there are , as well as how much construction is going on. When i ask the guide about the here being protected and that no building should go on he laughs and tells me money can achieve anything. We stay on the beach for an hour bahing in the natural piscinas and grabbing a quick cockttail in ttthe beach bar.Furtther along he beach we sit and watch the surfers before making our way back to the buggy to travel a little further along the coast to a small village. There is a huge empty building here which used to be a factory, but 5 years ago shut down and is now just lays derelict. Noone wants to build here as just a little further along the sea in the past 5 years has gradually come higher up the beach front and washed away beach houses. The seas line has increase by 30 metres up the shore and obviously has had a devastating effect for some of the locals. We can only drive to the start of Praia De Marcaipe and a short walk to Pontal De Marcaipe to watch the sunset . The River meets the sea here and it really is beautiful, ask Mark says its like a movie scene with the psalm/ cocunut trees dancing in the small breeze as the sky turns multiple shades of pink and purple we sit by the river and watch as the sunsets. Back at the hostel Mark and i are both knackered and hungry so we grab a shower and stride put for something to eat. We find a place that serves all you can eat salad bar meat and pasta for 6 quid so we opt for here. Full to the brim with food its back to the hostel for an early night.Read more