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  • Day291

    Recife e Porto de Galinhas

    October 16, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    13 hours spending in the bus was nothing compared to the time Iuli had to sit quite until she arrived in Rio.
    Once I arrived in Recife I was lucky the bus stopped at the airport close the district Boa Viagem so it took me zero time to check into the hostel. However that hostel I booked was pretty strict. I could drop my backpacks but had to wait 5 hours until the official check-in time. So what I basically did was just walking along the beach and looking for a nice coffee shop. After an hour of walking the worst shops opened and I could kill three hours in there until it was time for the check in.
    Now let’s go forward to where it gets a bit more interesting. In the evening I ordered an Uber and went downtown for some nice skyline photography. All passengers who crossed my way were absolutely nice and so I didn’t have to worry if someone is going to knock me out and steel my camera which was mounted on the tripod.
    Now that’s all thanks for subscribing.

    Ok one more thing. On day two I went to Porto de Galinhas where I snorkeled for almost two hours. Obviously the color of my back changed its color but the day was absolutely fabulous. A good swim a wonderful lunch and a bit of sightseeing in a scenic little tourist village. In the evening, back in Recife I decided to end my stay and figured a way to move towards Natal. But on my google maps application there were two pinned locations in between the way from Recife to Natal. I picked out the more promising one and booked my bus to this very next place.
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  • Day14

    Recife - Porto de Galinhas

    January 19, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Willkommen in Brasilien!

    Nach 4 Tagen auf See (welche erstaunlich schnell vergangen sind) sind wir heute in Recife angekommen. Um 8 haben wir uns dann mit dem Bus auf den Weg nach Porto de Galinhas gemacht.

    Hat bisschen was von Lignano, nur dass das Meer wärmer und die Hintern größer sind. 😅

    Es ist einiges los und es gibt viele von diesen Strandverkäufern, die sind aber nicht aufdringlich und haben teilweise echt witzige Sachen dabei. Von Meeresfrüchten über Maiskolben bis hin zum Holzboot und den Sonnenbrillen ist alles dabei.

    Vor kurzem hat sich auch eine 2 Mann Band vor uns niedergelassen, mit Mikrofon und Lautsprecher bewaffnet lauschen wir angenehmer Brasilianischer entspannungsmusik. Echt coole sache. 😊

    Die "Taxis" sind kleine Strandbuggys mit nettem Sound 😁

    Abschließend noch ein Foto von der Speisekarte. Ein Euro wird in den Wechselstuben mit 3 Real entlohnt. Die Preise sind also recht deftig. Allerdings bekommt man sobald man etwas zu essen bestellt einen Schirm und drei Sessel "gratis" dazu. Das ist an diesem Strand Gold wert.

    Um 4 gehts dann wieder zurück aufs Schiff und am Abend geht's wieder auf See.
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  • Day105

    Porto Galinhas

    March 7, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Or chicken port. Formerly Porto Rico. I'm told that when the slave trade was made illegal here, plantation owners started importing chickens. Turns out the chickens were the top level and slaves were underneath. Unloading was at night. These are various pics along the shore and out on the sandstone reef with it's tidal pools. I was there just after low tide. If you look closely at the last pic, you will see a small land crab.Read more

  • Day199

    Return to Recife

    June 14, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We wake early again as we have to pack, and through the night i have been eaten alive by mosquitos, my back my arm even my fingers and toes. We grab breakfast and our alternitivo (kind of illegitamate taxi) arrives right on time. We gave to go back to joao pessoa to get another alternitivo from there to Recife. We arrive in Joao Pessoa and the guy pulls up some side street ushering us to "his brother" who stands us in a line with numerous other people all waiting to go to various places. We wait for approx 15 minutes before asking when we will be leaving. There are 5 people now waiting to go to Recife and this obviously causes a problem as only 4 can go in the car, its decided that they will take us seperately so we are ushered to our drivers car. As we are loading the bags in there is a guy next to us randomly chopping up chickens and we all comment how we wouldnt want to eat them . The next part of the journey runs pretty smoothly and we arrive in Recife bus station only to find that there is no direct bus for us and Ursinas bus doesnt leave till 4. After a lot of confusion i buy our ticket for the first bus and eventually find where we need to leave from. We say goodbye to Ursina and as we step onto the platform we are greeted by a lovely lady who sees that i am a little lost she speaks with me and asks if im American i explain were from England and she says she speaks a small amount, but she literally speaks as much English as Mark speaks Portuguese we board the bus and after an hour we get off on the side of a motorway. Luckily there is a shelter so we sit inside and wait for our connection which is an hour and a half later. The guy inside plays a video on his phone of NFL and when i say were English he plays a video of Freddy Mercury . He asks which city and i say Liverpool and he plays a video of Liverpool football club followed by the national anthem its comical. A big guy pulls up with a bike and a polystyrene cool box attached to the front selling fresh juice and sandwiches. I purchase a juice and shortly after our bus arrives. We manage to put our rucksacks underneath and when we board the bus there is no seating space so we stand for the whole journey in a fist clench position holding on for dear life. The journey takes an hour and a half and i am so glad when we arrive. We jump of the bus and Lthough the hostel is only ten minutes we jump a cab. When we arrive there are a group of people sat outside as this is the only place we can smoke we dump our bags and head outside. Thet are from Argentina and Brazil , and so friendly Alexandro speaks perfect English and Bruna also speaks really well, but i am keen to improve my Spanish/Portugese. After sharing a few beers we head into town for a bite to eat and end up eating tapioca. I havent tryed it since being back in Brasil but its a really common dish her, it brings back memories of when i was a kid and served frogsborne in a bowl (sorry mum) . Its really good, cheap and filling. We then head down to the street and there are all stalls here selling artisan products with a small fayre going on. They also have different booths where you can dress up and take photos. We make our way down to the beach and sit in one of the bars drinking a few Caipirinhas with the rest of the group and make the short walk back. I end up getting locked up for the night !!!Read more

  • Day11

    Porto de Galinhas

    February 13, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Porto de Galinhas is about a 2 hour public bus ride south of Recife and claims to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. I think having been to Jericoacoara and visited probably one of the best beaches ever, everything else is a bit of a let down in comparison. Porto is nice but very commercialised and aimed for the Brazilian family holiday rather than the gringo trail.

    We are staying in Che Legarto hostel which I hate. The woman behind reception makes me irrationally angry, the wifi doesn't work, air con doesn't work, nothing seems to work and the kitchen and bathroom are dirty. All in all, I'm looking forward to getting out of this hostel and on to somewhere with a bit more soul.

    The place itself however is nice. On our first night, Lizzie and I went out for a really nice dinner and drinks. We ended up meeting these Brazilian guys who were a lot older than us but really funny and we ended up having drinks with them. After our 3am night we were tired and decided to lie on the beach.. all day. This is what I quit my job for. It was a really chilled day but I still somehow managed to get burnt even with factor 50 on 🤔. In the evening I was completely knackered and just booked hostels for Salvador and Pipa.

    The next day we were supposed to be going on a buggy ride to all the different beaches for R$50. We waited in the hostel until 1.30pm only to be told that the other couple we were supposed to be going with wanted to go alone and so it would cost us another R$50 each for another buggy (another hostel fuck up). Instead we decided to get a motor taxi to this beach called Maracapie where the river meets the sea. It was slightly overcast and I ended up sleeping on the beach for most of it, or listening to podcasts. We also got caipis on the beach and managed to get back to the motor taxi before the tide came in too far and cut us off from the path back. In the evening we just chilled mostly and ran a few errands like laundry...

    When we left we had a 9 hour trip north to Praia de Pipa which is beautiful..
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  • Day12

    Praia dos Carneiros

    February 14, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Whilst in Porto we went on a tour to Praia dos Carneiros. I was super excited about going as I'd seen it on the internet when researching what to do in Brazil & I'm happy we went because this place is awesome. It took an hour's drive down the coast and when we got there we did all sorts of activities like a 'hydrariting' mud bath, snorkelling with the fish on a coral reef (which has blatantly been killed due to humans which is sad) and a walk to the famous church on the beach. On the boat over to the next activity we even had this guy who came on and danced as Michael Jackson 😂 so random.

    We met this really nice Argentinian family who took me in as their own and gave me flip flops to wear when we went onto the reef because there were sea urchins on the floor and they were worried I would hurt my feet.

    The lunch, although expensive, was actually so delicious. Fresh white fish with plaintain chips, rice and salad. Although Porto de Galinhas isn't my fave beach in Brazil, this place certainly does give Jeri a run for its money. In some ways you feel like you've been washed up on a desert island as there are so many sandbanks everywhere which disappear when the tide comes in.
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  • Day15

    Porto de Galinhas

    September 14, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Heute hatte ich mich mit den Deutschen von gestern Abend zu einem Tagesausflug nach Porto de Galinhas verabredet. Dieser kleine Touristenort hatte leider zeitlich nicht mehr als eigene Station in meine Routenplanung gepasst. Deshalb freute ich mich umso mehr drauf, doch noch hinzufahren.
    Die Anfahrt war mal wieder sehr interessant.
    Um 8:20Uhr sollte der Bus starten, im Endeffekt fuhr er um 8:50Uhr. Nach einer halben Stunde mussten wir aus irgendeinem Grund den Bus wechseln. Und in diesem reichten dann die Sitzplätze nicht, großartig. 45Min stehen mit Erkältung macht richtig Spaß! Hab mich also ganz pragmatisch nach 10min auf den Boden gesetzt. Auf der Fahrt informierte ich mich schon mal ein bisschen über Porto, die Strände dort und was ich später essen könnte. So konnte ich auch ein bisschen die Führung übernehmen, als wir dort waren. Nachdem wir den extrem überfüllten, lauten Teil des Strandes hinter uns gelassen hatten, war es auch sehr schön! Die unzähligen Strandverkäufer mit Glöckchen, die einem irgendwelche Dinge andrehen wollten, wichen der Ruhe. Hier waren nur noch vereinzelt Menschen anzutreffen. Wir badeten ein bisschen im warmen Wasser, ließen uns von der Sonne trocknen und genossen den weißen Strand und das türkisblaue Meer. Später trafen wir noch weitere von der Freiwilligengruppe, mit der die Deutschen hier sind. Wir aßen Pasteís zum Mittag und ich trank Zuckerrohrsaft dazu. Richtig lecker! Außerdem kaufte ich mir noch eine fruchtige Açai-Bowl.
    Am Abend schauten wir alle zusammen noch den Sonnenuntergang an.
    Mittlerweile bin ich wieder zurück in Recife und bin sehr müde! Ich hab schon ein bisschen was für meine Weiterreise nach Praia da Pipa am Montag vorbereitet und brauche jetzt ein bisschen Ruhe um mich richtig zu erholen. Morgen geht's nämlich turbulent weiter!
    Am Strand von Recife findet eine Gay Pride Party statt, zu der Thuany und ich und wahrscheinlich einige von den Freiwilligen gehen werden. Das wird sicherlich richtig cool. Ich hoffe, dass die frühe Nachtruhe heute hilft und ich morgen wieder gesund bin.
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  • Day200

    Buggy Tour

    June 15, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We get up in the morning to a beautiful breakfast and shortly after go to reception to book a tour. We are goig on a buggy tour of the islands today and as Mark is a little hungover its a good job it doesnt leave till 130pm. Its good because this morning we can just chill. We bid farewell to he Brazilian guys and for the rest of the morning just hangout with Alexandro and Bruna by the pool. They have decided to stay one more night and the temptation to do this is understandable. After a much needed dip in the pool as it must be 30+ degrees . The guide picks us up on time and we wai a few minutes for he two Brazilians that will join us which means we only have to pay 5 quid each. I agree with the Brazilian girl we will exchange the front seat half way through the tour. Our first stop is at Praia do Cupe the longest beach here and excellent for surfing before making our way to Porto de Galinhas beach. As we drive around he back of the beach im astounded by how many Top end complexes there are , as well as how much construction is going on. When i ask the guide about the here being protected and that no building should go on he laughs and tells me money can achieve anything. We stay on the beach for an hour bahing in the natural piscinas and grabbing a quick cockttail in ttthe beach bar.Furtther along he beach we sit and watch the surfers before making our way back to the buggy to travel a little further along the coast to a small village. There is a huge empty building here which used to be a factory, but 5 years ago shut down and is now just lays derelict. Noone wants to build here as just a little further along the sea in the past 5 years has gradually come higher up the beach front and washed away beach houses. The seas line has increase by 30 metres up the shore and obviously has had a devastating effect for some of the locals. We can only drive to the start of Praia De Marcaipe and a short walk to Pontal De Marcaipe to watch the sunset . The River meets the sea here and it really is beautiful, ask Mark says its like a movie scene with the psalm/ cocunut trees dancing in the small breeze as the sky turns multiple shades of pink and purple we sit by the river and watch as the sunsets. Back at the hostel Mark and i are both knackered and hungry so we grab a shower and stride put for something to eat. We find a place that serves all you can eat salad bar meat and pasta for 6 quid so we opt for here. Full to the brim with food its back to the hostel for an early night.Read more

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