• Day33

    Bike Fun in Thun

    June 7, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    As part of our stay in Thun we get a free bus pass or the hotel provides free bikes. As it looked like it was going to rain we chose the bikes for a leisurely ride around the lake. And if it rained we could stop in a village for a while. No thank you, we don't need a helmet as we are off for a leisurely ride.
    So we headed off, tootling around the lake. It was lovely for the first 500 metres. Then bikes are no longer allowed on the path around the lake and we follow the arrow to find we are now on the main road that circumnavigates Lake Thun, surrounded by cars and trucks and buses, and of course without a helmet. But wait, it gets better. After an hour it starts to rain, and of course there are no villages in sight. Oh, and here's a mountain for you to ride up. And what happens when there is a road on a mountain? It is very windy, with no overtaking, there are tunnels and two idiots on bikes, without helmets. I did not sign up for this.
    After a couple of hours we arrived at our destination, St Beatus Caves. There is a lovely little train that takes you up to the cave, but not today there isn't so you have to climb up. I am not happy. At all.
    We did the cave tour (more climbing) and then Graham bought me some pizza because if I was eating I wouldn't be complaining. And then we rode back to Thun and thanked the lady at the hotel desk very much for the use of the bikes.
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