• Day26

    Another furry visitor!

    May 13 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Thursday we visited the incredible Wave Rock and Hippos Yawn in Hyden. It was a good 4 hour drive but worth it, Wave Rock is amazing! Never seen anything like it. Hippos Yawn was a short walk so we went and checked that out as well.

    Friday we camped at the stunning East Bay Campground near Two People's Bay Nature Reserve. Such a good find!! Beachfront camping, and although a little chilly we did a nice walk along the beach and had a swim. Lach went for a Kite as the sun was setting and I watched with a beer in hand!

    Once the sun had set and I began cooking dinner, I got a fright when a huge furry creature ran into my foot! I let out a massive scream (Lachie once again thought I was being dramatic) and after realising it was a Bandicoot (and that he can't fit in our engine), we watched him scurry around eating beetles. He was the best! We were also visited by several kookaburras! This morning we did some yoga, went for a paddle and had a swim. 🐭
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