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  • Day24

    A True Rework

    November 8, 2018 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    After having trouble falling asleep last night, but making sure to set my alarm, I woke up promptly at nine... only an hour and a half after when I was supposed to leave. I missed my tour, the one without refunds. After freaking out, being pissed, wondering if there was a way to meet up with the tour, I had to face the truth; there was no fixing this. I don't even have the time to do it another day. After wallowing for a while I decided that, in pure British fashion, I needed a cup of tea. I went downstairs, to commiserate with another bunkmate, and figure out what I'd do with my disappointingly open day. One girl did show me pictures of it, and it is just a lake, but I still wanted the experience. While sitting there, another girl from the pub crawl a few nights before showed up and said she was going on the free tour with the hostel. Lacking any plans, I figured, why not. There was a tiny group, five of us, including the guide. It made for a great walk around, and because it was so small he was able to customize what we saw. I even learned some things I hadn't on any other of my excursions. It was the most expensive free tour I'd ever been on, but it lifted my spirits; the ice cream I bought helped too. Not resembling in the slightest what I had planned, but there's probably a reason I didn't get to go. Maybe I just needed more rest. Whatever the cause, I got to go out, learn even more about the city, and maybe I'll go to a museum. Still a drag, but not a total loss.Read more


    Good attitude. Sounds like it turned out okay. Hey, coulda been worse😉