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  • Day8

    Cardiff 2nd

    March 10, 2020 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌬 11 °C

    Soooo my day off was amazing I literally just walked to the bathroom or to the store right in front of the hostel and spent the rest of the time in my bed. Therefore I don’t have much to tell that’s why I’ll tell you some fun facts about the English people here.

    1.: traffic lights for pedestrians are more a recommendation than a strict thing to follow - they take ages to turn green anyways - trust me I tried it and waited at least 2 minutes... even elderly walk whenever they want :D
    2.: cash?! What’s that? Everything works with your credit card (and I love it!) there are self checkouts in every supermarket and you’ll rarely find a cashier. Even in bars you pay with your card of course. - Germany when will you grow up?
    3.: train stations have a control gate you have to pass and employees working 24/7 to help out if something isn’t working or if interrail travelers have to pass ;)
    4.: as soon as the sun comes out english people get rid of their warm clothes and prefer T-shirts even if it’s still cold...
    5.: the UK has about 4 or 5 languages and many many more accents
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