• Day770

    Patagonia!! We Made It!

    June 25, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ 🌬 5 °C

    We didn't quite realise it, when we crossed back into Argentina we saw a sign saying we'd arrived in Patagonia! I thought it started way further south than this, but was super chuffed to be able to tick it off the list, although we definitely have to go back and explore its wonders in the summer at some point in the future.

    As soon as we hit a town we immediately went for a delicious lunch of steak and chips with a fried egg on top - delicious, and one of the main reasons we came back over! We were so happy to be back and after a night by the lake we drove to Bariloche which has been an aim of Phils for the last few months. Although the town wasn't that great we managed to find a real ale bar showing Argentina vs Croatia and they let us camp in the car park for the night! We enjoyed their happy hour (6-10pm), playing pool and found it a very quiet campsite - mainly due to the very poor Argentinian performance!

    The next few days were spent driving around the national and local parks, finding some beautiful free campsites and doing some walks in either drzzily rain or stunning sunshine.

    We were in need of hot showers so drove to a promising sounding campsite on iOverlander. The owner Anna met us but had the disappointing news that it was shut. Despite that she let us stay anyway, turning on all the heating and hot showers. She even let use the kitchen and a room with a heater, which was very welcome as it is very getting pretty damn chilly down here. We spent a happy few days here doing a bit more hiking and enjoyed an evening cooking a meal for Anna. She is one of the most friendly welcoming people we've met on our travels and would only allow us to leave a bottle of wine or two to show our thanks.
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