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  • Day38

    Herrerias to Padornelo - 17 kms

    October 29, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Wow! If yesterday was my best day on the camino, today was the toughest. A 595 meter climb, almost 1955 feet.

    A very nice day for the climb though. Stopped often for coffee, juice, and my favorite chocolate pastry. Well worth the effort.

    The small communities I passed through must have had their weekly cow parade yesterday through main street and one could tell. Nothing insults the senses more and the reason pilgrims have to leave their shoes outside, but the good thing was that it had not rained around here in quite some time. Very thankful for that. A picture of those wonderful critters is attached for your enjoyment and as a reminder why we do not allow cows on the mountain as pets or otherwise. They appear to be preparing for next weeks parade.

    Early morning sunlight on the hills highlights the color and veriation of the terrain. Now I know why I so love the mountains...just gorgeous.

    I ran across the three ladies from Wales again halfway up the mountain. One had to return to a cafe to look for her glasses as she thought she had left them. Glad it wasn't me that left my glasses as it was a long way in the wrong direction.

    O'Cebreio (the church) Is attached and a picture of the distant haze that again reminds me of those mornings when I am enjoying coffee and looking at the "cats paws " in the valley below. This valley is a very distant valley, but the general direction that I will be walking.

    The last picture is a memorial to pilgrims that are trying not to lose their Tillies in a stiff breeze. Too bad the angle of the light was not better, but you get the picture. I've had to grab mine several times to keep it on my head and out of the pastures and ravines.

    I stopped about one PM today. Tired after the climb and we changed to standard time last night so DST is no more in Spain until next year. Found a hostel that would do my laundry and served a wonderful lunch (salad, fried egg, two huge pieces of bacon and fries), and I ate the whole thing to include flan for dessert. I even licked the plate it was so good. Now for dinner!

    Dinner was another excellent salad, a pork chop, potatoes and beans. Good meal and I had another flan (and licked the plate yet again).

    Might try to reach Sarria tomorrow. Just depends on the trail condition and my energy level.
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