• Day12

    Almost the perfect day.......

    April 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Before i start writing... right now i am sitting outside in the dark, in one of the most spectacular places in the world, with a Belgium brewed beer, a cigaret, clear dark sky with almost nothing on my mind than thinking that this was almost the perfect day........ and lighting another cigaret...
    When you start off thinking of an adventure like this, you have a lot of things that go through your mind. The romantic idea of just taking a car and hit the U.S road, not knowing where it will take you. Kind of like the lone cowboys who roamed the countryside, not knowing what he would eat, or where he would sleep...And not even talking about what he was going to do the next day, week or in his life.... Somehow i am getting it right now!
    Deciding to make a little detour north of Albuquerque turned out to be the best decision i ever made. The scenery that you get driving through the mountains here is completely mind dazzling. After every corner that i took i wanted to stop and watch it just forever, which of Course would be completely dangerous, so i didn’t... but this New Mexico might be turning into my favorite place of all times,
    I really tried to take some good pictures, but they just do not do justice to what i have seen with my own eyes. Btw this is not the camera it’s fault Carolien, but the crappy photographer behind it!
    Again, by just randomly picking a campsite i found the perfect place to spend the night with a spectacular view of the mountains, and the lake that is right next to it. The campsite host was really nice, we talked a bit, she showed me her huge RV, it was great...
    So now i decided to stay 2 nights here, just to breath the atmosphere out here, and be able to do some serious stargazing, and maybe even some real philosophical thinking about what i want to do with my life.... kind of seems like i found the cowboy inside me.. for a bit at least.

    Only on a moment like this, you realize that when you travel alone, that it can be fine to do it by yourself, and you don’t always need other people around you to have an amazing experience, as long as your true friends and family are waiting for you to come home....

    This was almost the perfect day!


    PS: You might wonder why i always say it was ALMOST the perfect day. In short: very tight parking space... did not see the roof of a building properly.... long live full insurance! ... I just don’t care right now!
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