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  • Day99

    Route 66: Gallup

    September 18 in the United States

    Heute steht eigentlich nur Fahren auf dem Plan. Bei wieder sehr gutem und heißem Wetter machen wir uns von Valle auf nach Flagstaff und nach einer kurzen Trinkpause geht es weiter Richtung Holbrook. Hier trennen sich dann unsere Wege, da drei von uns einen Abstecher nach El Paso zum größten Harley Davidson Händler machen möchten. Für diejenige, die keine Lust auf diese lange Strecke hatten, geht es auf direktem Weg in Richtung Santa Fe.

    Nach nur ein paar Stunden Fahrtzeit heute haben wir unser Tagesziel, Gallup, bereits erreicht. Damit steht uns ein ganzer Nachmittag zur freien Verfügung 😊.
    Wir gehen relativ früh bei einem Mexikaner gegenüber des Motels essen und setzen uns anschließend noch gemütlich unter einem Pavillon in dem "Garten" vor dem Motel zusammen und lassen den Abend ausklingen.
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  • Day100

    Route 66: Eine gemütliche Fahrt

    September 19 in the United States

    Heute geht es von Gallup nach Santa Fe, wo wir einen Pausentag einlegen. Wir starten zu einer recht humanen Zeit bei eher etwas kälterem Wetter mit bewölktem Himmel, etwas ganz neues für uns. Im Laufe der Fahrt klart der Himmel dann aber recht schnell auf und es geht wieder an die gewohnten 30°, sodass ich mich bei unserer Pause in Albuquerque dazu entscheid mal wieder ohne Jacke weiter zu fahren.
    Keine gute Idee. Ca. 20 Minuten nachdem wir weiter gefahren sind, türmen sich die Wolken auf und der Himmel wird schwarz. Plötzlich fängt das erste Gewitter seit dem Start unserer Reise vor 3 Monaten an. Es ist sogar unser erster Regen in den USA. Und das auf dem Motorrad, herrlich... Im Auto lässt es sich zwar aushalten, aber selbst hier sieht man wegen des Regens so gut wie nichts. Schnell fahren wir die nächste Abfahrt runter und suchen einen Unterschlupf. Leider ist weit und breit nichts zu finden. Wir stellen uns in eine Sackgasse neben dem Highway. Mal wieder haben wir Glück im Unglück und eine ältere Dame hält mit ihrem Camper an derselben Stelle. Sie bittet uns zu sich in den Camper, wo wir vor dem Regen geschützt sind und bietet uns Getränke an. Nach ca. 10 Minuten klart der Himmel wieder auf, wir verabschieden uns von der netten Dame, lassen ihr noch Bier als Dankeschön da und schwingen uns wieder auf die Bikes. Nach 20 Minuten kommen wir durchgefroren und nass bis auf die Knochen am Hotel in Santa Fe an und gönnen uns eine heiße Dusche und ein leckeres Essen beim Mexikaner.
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  • Day101

    Route 66: Fat Man and Little Boy

    September 20 in the United States

    Am heutigen Ruhetag (für 2/3 der Gruppe) kann jede/r machen, wozu sie/er Lust hast. Das bedeutet zum Teil am Pool zu entspannen, wobei das Wetter heute nicht so richtig mitspielt. Außerdem wird zwangsweise etwas geshoppt, da wir trotz intensiver Bemühungen inzwischen die Hoffnung aufgegeben haben, dass der von der Airline vergessene Koffer eines Mitreisenden uns auf der Tour noch einholt.

    Für zwei von uns geht es in das 50 km entfernt gelegene Los Alamos. Eigentlich ein kleines Nest, hat es durch das heute noch existierende Los Alamos National Laboratory als Geburtsort der Atombombe (traurige?) Berühmtheit erlangt. Das Bradbury Science Museum geht intensiv auf die Geschichte und die Entwicklung der Atombombe aber auch heutige Forschungsgebiete ein. Insgesamt ein aufschlussreicher Besuch mit überraschend wenig patriotischer Propaganda. Trotzdem wird die Meinung vertreten, dass Nuklearwaffen aufgrund der abschreckenden Macht zum Erhalt des internationalen Friedens beitragen... Jedenfalls lohnt es sich, die Geschichte der zwei (grundverschiedenen) Waffen Little Boy und Fat Man nachzulesen.Read more

  • Day2

    Driver swap

    November 13 in the United States

    Almost to Arizona and that will be the last fuel stop I’m trying to get my DM to let me stay and do local runs so that way I can have the truck ready too. It’s only 5 days early lol.

    On a side note saw a beautiful sunrise this morning and saw a whole bunch of snow last night and today.

    Some pretty bad wrecks between the border of Oklahoma and New Mexico about 100 miles I saw 5 bad truck wrecks people don’t realize how crazy it is to drive in the snow. I’m always slow and careful no load is worth my life and my old and new co drivers life. It’s better to shut down. But about 100 miles of straight black ice so I went 15 lol. Got down to 12 last night jeez.

    I hope everyone is doing good.

    Please be safe out there
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  • Day19

    Souvenir Shopping

    October 26 in the United States

    It’s good to visit the political backbone of a country, to see where the real decisions are made so we skipped Washington and headed straight to the NRA Centre in New Mexico.
    This group panders to no one, they are real straight shooters so to speak and don’t let any one challenge their constitutional rights. That’s the second amendment.

    There is a fabulous museum housed in their building and even if you aren’t a gunophile the weapons on display dating back over a hundred years are pure works of art and genius so first admire them then you can poke your flower down the barrel.

    Every one in this building is “packing” some have holsters on though the kid stacking shelves like you would get at Woolworths Supermarket had his stuck in the belt of his pants, obviously on $6 an hour.
    They had a throw out table of specials too where you could get a bargain on all the stale old bullets and stuff, probably past their use by date... quick shoot someone now so they aren’t wasted.

    We were given a little souvenir bag by the nice, and they were really nice people. It contained a NRA pen, a NRA leather key ring and a bullet in a small black bag with a drawstring.
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  • Day21

    Easy Rider

    October 28 in the United States

    In 1969 the cult film and iconic road movie Easy Rider was released staring, producing and probably financed by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.
    Jack Nicholson had a start to his career with this movie as did Dennis Hopper because previously I think the only thing he had was a small role in Giant with James Dean.

    Wikipedia would probably go me over the accuracy of this but it’s the best I can do now off the top of my head as we have no internet connection here at a Arizona truck stop on Intestate 40 (part of old Route 66), probably one of the busiest highways in the country.
    It was either stay here or in a Casino or Walmart car park but we were being pushed along the highway at over 80 miles per hour, it was either do that speed or get run into, as we saw earlier had happened so by the time we spotted Walmarts or the Casinos they were just a blur as we sped by.

    Anyway back to Easy Rider.
    Peter had the looks plus his old man Henry and sister Jane’s famous name so he was a natural to play the character Captain America.
    Dennis was far less known and without the college football looks but I reckon far more interesting and a much better actor as well. He went on to play roles in movies like Blue Velvet and Apocalypse Now, what Peter went on to do, I don’t know.

    Dennis was, after being a drunk and drug addict, a very good artist and art collector too and had a love of native culture and their spiritual beliefs so moved to Taos in New Mexico.
    He died in 2010 and requested a native burial in Taos.
    It just so happens that the graveyard was about a kilometre from where we were staying.

    The movie Easy Rider had a huge lifestyle influence because of a love of bikes, especially choppers and road trips since I was old enough to hold out my thumb.
    At the moment where we are staying it could be said that it was a bad influence but the whine of truck tyres and engines screaming down the highway makes you a little itchy to get out there again and be pushed down that road... as one of the songs from the brilliant movie soundtrack goes... “to some other town”.

    So though we aren’t celebrity sluts and we were so close to Dennis Hopper’s grave we had to see after his brilliant career just where he lay.
    It was surprising, no Marilyn Munro splendour or Jim Morrison’s Paris grave. It’s in amongst old houses, crappy fences and someone living in a derelict caravan with rubbish blowing around.
    There are no signs to the cemetery and the whole place is pretty run down.
    Seeing the film that launched his career is about searching for the real America it seems like the perfect setting for him to be buried in.
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  • Day20

    Taos Pueblo

    October 27 in the United States

    Through the back blocks of South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico the majority of the houses we saw are built from pine and chipboard with a tar paper roof and none of them seem like they have anymore than a few years left in them.
    Whenever you see footage of a tornado going through the United States showing toothpick splinters that were once houses flying through the air it appears that, that tornado is one powerful sucker. Maybe so but it’s more likely the houses had the same structural integrity as the cardboard box your white goods came in.

    The opposite of these buildings is the Taos Pueblos. This place of mud brick structures has been standing for over a thousand years.
    It’s built in a beautiful setting and a river runs through the settlement providing their water.
    This river starts as a spring up in the mountains that fills a lake, that overflows and that is where their river comes from.
    The descendants of the original people still live there, this is not a theme park.
    Their mountains are logged and they were forbidden to visit their spring and lake for about 65 years.
    Visiting these places was very important to them, it was the basis of their spiritual beliefs which is the basis for their lives. After being done over since European settlement they have since regained a lot of what they originally owned.

    What the anglos did though was nothing compared to what the Spaniards did before them, their treatment of these people was horrendous. It has been one long history of hideous abuse so to meet these friendly welcoming people was a surprise because if I was in their shoes I’de be throwing rocks and hurling abuse at anyone who came near the place.
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  • Day19

    American Graffiti 2

    October 26 in the United States

    Dear Diary,

    8:30 am: Today iz voting day so weez gets in early making sure Royal Quint gets re-elected cause weez want our Probated Judge to be a “good o’l boy”

    9:30 am: That vote’ins hard work so weez went and got us a Dr Peppers at the candy store.

    10:30 am: Damn it! spent too much at that candy store so we’s takes our selves to that First National Bank and gets us some of that there money.

    11:00 am: Youzz nose what them bank fellas tellz us... weez has to have one of them big city folks type bank accounts to gets us some of that money.

    11:15 am: Guess weez gunna have ta sell off some of our shooting irons seen’s them bank folks are so darn ornery.

    11:45 am: Darn it cant folks read American, theyz parked one of them darn rice grinders in our all American parkin spots... spose theyz caint speek American seenz theyz ridin foreign bikes theyz speekin foreign too.

    12:00 noon: Lunch time, guess we’ll mosey on down to Dusty’s and get us a feed. I never nose, is Dustys the name of the place or iz that describing hiz steaks?
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  • Day21

    More Adobes

    October 28 in the United States

    If you can create a silk purse out of a pig’s ear then churches out of mud are the architectural equivalent.
    Long before any Nimbin hippie had a crack at an adobe abode ancient people were slapping this stuff around to create their own little mud cottage with a picket fence.

    Imagine Bunnings a few thousand years ago, you’d walk in and say “excuse me, can you help me, what isle is the mud in?”...” oh, that will be isles one to twenty six sir”.
    And you wouldn’t be walking around going tut tut... I remember when we manufactured all our own mud now we have all these cheap imports from China.

    Cheap imports never last and this church proves it. It was built using local people with local materials a few years before Captain Cook got a farewell from some other locals at Botany Bay, thinking that is probably the last we’ll see of them.

    There is a small graveyard enclosed in the church grounds and the dates on some of these headstones go way back to its earliest times. The descendants of the original builders still maintain the building and graveyard and like the crudeness of the materials used their epitaphs are not all that refined.
    My favourite reads...IN MEMORIA DE AGAPITA LOPEZ DEAD MARCH 5 1935

    There are a few possibilities with this headstone. One is they were dearly loved but this was erected by an unschooled person. Or two, someone needed an accurate marker to piss on.
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  • Day20

    Zwischen Albuquerque und Santa Fe

    April 21 in the United States

    Albuquerque, die grösste Stadt in New Mexiko, und Santa Fe (Hauptstadt) liegen relativ nahe beieinander. Wir verbrachten 3 Tage in dieser Region nahe den Rocky Mountains auf 1500 bis 2200m Höhe. Dementsprechend waren die Temperaturen auch einiges kühler, sogar die Windjacke musste Stefan das 1. Mal auspacken!
    Zu Fuss und völlig allein erkundeten wir das Gebiet der Ojito Wilderness. Deutlich mehr Besucher sahen wir im sehr interessanten Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks NM und dem Bandelier NM. Am Samstag Abend besuchten wir das spanisch-mexikanisch angehauchte Santa Fe. Wir schlenderten durch die Gassen der schönen Altstadt mit ihren zahlreichen Shops und Kunstgalerien, oft indianischer Herkunft. Die warmen Erdfarben und runden Formen der Adobegebäude verleihen der Stadt Charme und eine eher südländische Atmosphäre.Read more

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New Mexico, NM, Nieu-Meksiko, Nuevo Mexico, Nīwe Mexico, نيومكسيكو, ܢܝܘ ܡܝܟܣܝܟܘ, نيو مكسيكو, Nuevu Méxicu, New Mïxiku suyu, Nyu-Meksiko, Nueva Mehiko, Штат Нью-Мексіка, Ню Мексико, Niu Mexico, নিউ মেক্সিকো, མེག་སི་ཀོ་གསར་མ།, Nou Mèxic, ᏍᏆᏂᏤᏍᏛᎢ, نیومەکسیکۆ, Nové Mexiko, Çĕнĕ Мексика, Νέο Μεξικό, Nov-Meksiko, Nuevo México, Mexiko Berria, نیومکزیکو, Nouveau-Mexique, Novél-Mexique, Nij-Meksiko, Nua-Mheicsiceo, Meagsago Nuadh, Novo México, Pyahu Méjiko, Néu Me̍t-sî-kô, Nū Mekiko, Novi Meksiko, ניו מקסיקו, नया मेक्सिको, Nou Meksiko, Új-Mexikó, Նյու Մեքսիկո, Nú Mézíkọ, Tchiaq Mexiqo, Nova-Mexikia, Nuovo Messico, ニューメキシコ州, ნიუ-მექსიკო, 뉴멕시코 주, Meksiko Nowydh, Novum Mexicum, Noeuvo Mescico, Növ Messich, Naujoji Meksika, Ņūmeksika, Ново Мексико, ന്യൂ മെക്സിക്കോ, Нью-Мексико, न्यू मेक्सिको, နယူးမက္ကဆီကိုပြည်နယ်, Yancuīc Mēxihco, Nee-Mexiko, Yootó Hahoodzo, Nòu Mexic, Nowy Meksyk, Neuv Méssich, نیو میکسیکو, Musuq Mishiku suyu, Нью-Мехико, Нью Мексико, Nova Mehika, Нови Мексико, நியூ மெக்சிகோ, న్యూ మెక్సికో, รัฐนิวเม็กซิโก, Bagong Mehiko, Yéngi Méksika Shitati, N'yu-Meksiko, Шин Меексик, ניו מעקסיקא, Ìpínlẹ̀ Titun Mẹ́ksíkò, 新墨西哥州

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