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  • Day20

    Zwischen Albuquerque und Santa Fe

    April 21 in the United States

    Albuquerque, die grösste Stadt in New Mexiko, und Santa Fe (Hauptstadt) liegen relativ nahe beieinander. Wir verbrachten 3 Tage in dieser Region nahe den Rocky Mountains auf 1500 bis 2200m Höhe. Dementsprechend waren die Temperaturen auch einiges kühler, sogar die Windjacke musste Stefan das 1. Mal auspacken!
    Zu Fuss und völlig allein erkundeten wir das Gebiet der Ojito Wilderness. Deutlich mehr Besucher sahen wir im sehr interessanten Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks NM und dem Bandelier NM. Am Samstag Abend besuchten wir das spanisch-mexikanisch angehauchte Santa Fe. Wir schlenderten durch die Gassen der schönen Altstadt mit ihren zahlreichen Shops und Kunstgalerien, oft indianischer Herkunft. Die warmen Erdfarben und runden Formen der Adobegebäude verleihen der Stadt Charme und eine eher südländische Atmosphäre.Read more

  • Day23


    April 24 in the United States

    3 Nächte verbrachten wir in Farmington. Keine sehenswerte Kleinstadt, aber die Lage ist perfekt für spannende Erkundungstrips. Wenig bis keine anderen Wanderer kreuzten unsere Wege in den unbekannten Spots: Plaza Blanca, Angel Peak Area und Bisti Badlands. Letztere haben wir in einer ausführlichen Nachmittagswanderung (14km) begangen. Einen Pfad gibt es nicht, man geht einfach kreuz und quer, klettert herum und erkundet das riesige Gebiet nach Lust und Laune.
    Ebenfalls nahe Farmington sind unzählige Steinbögen versteckt. Einige davon hat das "Explorer-Team" gefunden! :-)
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  • Day15


    April 16 in the United States

    Diesen Blog-Eintrag widmen wir ganz unserem treuen Begleiter. In San Diego durften wir ein Auto auswählen, es wurde ein praktisch neuer Ford Explorer Limited, 3.5l V6 mit 290PS. Inzwischen hat uns unser fahrbarer Untersatz bereits über 2000 Meilen ostwärts gebracht. Wie geländetauglich der 7-Plätzer ist, wird sich in den nächsten Wochen zeigen... ;-)
    Was wir in den letzten Tagen ausser Auto fahren noch erlebt haben, erfahrt ihr demnächst.Read more

  • Day17

    Highlights in der Einöde

    April 18 in the United States

    Ab Tucson fuhren wir viele Stunden ostwärts, durch vorwiegend langweilige Landschaften. Umso überraschter waren wir ab den wenigen Sehenswürdigkeiten, welche die langen Autofahrten rechtfertigen. Wir unternahmen 2 grössere und anstrengende Wanderungen, einmal im Chiricahua NM und im Guadalupe NP. Beides herrliche Namen wenn sie ein Amerikaner ausspricht. ;-) Der Guadalupe Peak ist der höchste Berg von Texas, und nein, es führt keine Strasse rauf, wir mussten die knapp 1000 Höhenmeter selber überwinden.
    Noch weiter östlich besuchten wir eine der grössten Tropfsteinhöhlen der Welt. Das Spezielle daran ist, dass man durch einen natürlichen Höhleneingang selbständig bis auf 230 Meter unter die Erdoberfläche absteigen kann.
    Als Abschluss bildeten die White Sand Dunes, quasi als Gegenteil zur dunklen Höhle, ein weiteres Highlight. Obwohl es eher windig und kühl war, wurde man bei hohem Sonnenstand von oben und unten "gegrillt" :-)
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  • Day31

    Day Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico

    May 4 in the United States

    Santa Fe is only 40 min away from where we are staying. We had the choice of taking the train or driving to the little town. After doing a bit of research, we choose the car as the different areas of Santa Fe looked hard to get to one another without a car.

    Santa Fe is probably a lovely little town to explore when you don't have kids. It's full of art gallery's and museums and unfortunately nothing we wanted to try and conquer. Our first stop was the railway park which had a playground with slides and ropes.

    While there we met a lady with her 2 young kids. She was from Czech Republic and her husband is American and set up his Dr practice there in Oct. She said that there is very little for kids in Santa Fe. She home schools her eldest, who is 5.5 and talks as much as Brandon. She said they go to the library and the children's museum, but it's not so great. She was good to talk to, but we felt a bit underwhelmed with Santa Fe.

    We drove down Canyon Rd, the arts district, and wanted to get out , but there was no parking to be found, and the street didn't have sidewalks and wouldn't be safe with 2 kids to have a Sunday stroll.

    We continued our car ride to downtown or the old town and found parking for an hour. We saw the plaza, and the little tables locals set up to sell their handmade jewellery and items.

    There was a community arts center which had statues outside for the kids to touch. We tried to go into a shop /gallery but it was stressful for them to just look and not touch or bump into anything, plus the shop staff were not that friendly.

    Old town has a distinct look with most buildings square and pueblos style with the sand/brown colour. Old town has to look like it did and therefore finding a public toilet for a 5 year old is impossible and there are no trees anywhere either. We became patrons at a cafe, for the toilet and a coffee. The shop assistant told is about Meow Wolf, which became our next stop.

    Meow Wolf, is a art installation which was collaborated by over 200 artists, established in 2008. This permanent installation was launched in 2016 and had support from George RR Martin.

    Meow Wolf creates immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration.  House of Eternal Return, where guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, climbing apparatus, and surreal, maximalist & mesmerizing art exhibits along with a children’s learning center, top ten in the U.S. music venue and cafe area.

    The house/maze was never ending and we all had a great time. There is a storyline and clues to follow but that was impossible to do as Brandon and Inara kept moving to another secret room or something new to see or experience. It was very easy to loose one another but also to miss a room as there was another one to see instead.

    On the drive back, Elisa drove while the other 3 had much needed naps after an exhilarating few hours. Josh and the kids has a short play in the pool, scootered around while dinner was being made and then off to Kactus brewing company, which is attached to the KOA.
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  • Day32

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    May 5 in the United States

    Today is cinco de mayo, so we were hoping to experience some local culture today. Elisa found a cinco de mayo folk art festival not far so we thought we could check that out.

    As we didn't get to do the train yesterday we were going to take the train today. The road runner train looked nice and modern. Luckily Elisa checked the schedule before we walked half a mile to the closest station, as it only ran every 5 hours or so. 5 hours... no wonder no one takes the train. Its not convenient and based off a conversation with a local, it's expensive and not affordable.

    So, off we went to the festival by car. The festival was more like a small art market, which had very little food and was not as big as advertised. Everyone was very nice and the solar lamps were interesting, along with bottle cap artwork. There was some nice jewelry and metal work. There was a older lady who saw Josh pushing the empty pram/stroller, as Elisa was holding Inara, and was so excited to see a baby. She came up to Inara and touched her cheeks and hugged Elisa and Inara both, a few times.

    After the market we headed into old town Albuquerque. It was very cute and what we actually thought Santa Fe would be like. The old town had a plaza, place for celebration and community across from the St Felipe church. The whole area was in the pueblos style houses and stores in the earth tone brown. There was gallery's and tourists shops, along with restaurants and little public squares in amongst the buildings. The squares were decorated with benches, water fountains, cactus and flowers. Over the day, it seemed each square has some musician playing in it.

    We sat down after our quesadilla lunch and listened to a 4 piece guitar ensemble. They played Spanish music and Inara and Brandon did some grooving to them. We don't know if this is a normal weekend occurrence or if it was because of Cinco de mayo.

    In the first store we went to, a retail store selling different onyx items, the seller gave Inara and Brandon a necklace each and seemed to love Australians. He was very funny and seemed to be a friendly person.

    The plaza was not celebrating Cinco de mayo, but lemonade day. There was at least a dozen primary school kids with their own lemonade stands, selling different types of lemonade and snacks. Prices ranged from 50 cents to $3 for a lemonade glass. The amount of time and effort the kids (or parents) put into the advertising, banners and tables /stands was impressive. Brandon got a very thirst quenching home made lemonade.

    While walking around we also found a nice playground with slides, monkey bars, and everything that a kid could want, attached to a nice green park. There where a few family get togethers for the holiday.

    We made it back to the camp, had a lovely swim in the pool, did another load of laundry (as it was $2.50 total for a wash and dry, and has been the cheapest yet) and had a nice pasta dinner.

    We were situated right next to the playground so it was a great way for Brandon to meet other kids. That night Brandon became friends with Thor (real name Travis) a 4 year old from Durango, Colorado and Luke, a 3yr old from a town not too far in New Mexico. They all had a great time together at the playground, or scootering/ riding bikes together. It was lovely talking to the parents and learning about their lives. We had a few drinks with Jason, Thor' s dad and the highlight was glow in the dark bocce ball.

    Everyone was so friendly at the KOA. We even met an older couple from Farmington who at the end of our conversation hugged Elisa and told her that if we need anything, they are in that cabin. The KOA was packed over the weekend as many locals were camping for sport. We knew that families have camped for a track meet, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball.

    We had a lovely time on New Mexico. Santa Fe was was a bit disappointing but Meow Wolf was a good surprise. Albuquerque was pleasant and relaxing, but the best of this stop was the people.
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  • Day30

    Driving to Albuquerque

    May 3 in the United States

    Today we have been traveling for 4 weeks and have driven over 3000 miles/4800km mark today. We left the motel warm,clean and well slept. We had breakfast at Sophie' s diner where the pancakes were bigger than Josh's head.

    The drive was probably the most boring drive with not much to look at. New Mexico, as far as we can see, is portrayed like the movies. Pick up trucks and cowboy hats. The drive was rolling prairies, little vegetation and many shouts for pointing out cows and horses. As we drive through different Indian Reservations we also passed a good few casinos.

    We got to the KOA, North of Albuquerque, in time for a late lunch. This KOA is small, with only a few tent sites. It has paved roads which is great for the kids to scooter. There is a bit of grass here and there and it is not as dusty as the last KOA 's. This one has a pool, but doesn't have a camp kitchen or anything like that.

    The rest of the day consisted of normal routine, getting our home set up for 3 nights and off to the grocery store. As we have had the Wal-Mart experience a few times now , we try to avoid it. We went to Albertson' s market which was huge and the fruit they were selling were huge. Albertsons is a mid west market so we will be looking for this one to shop at for a bit.
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  • Day70

    Carlsbad Caverns NP - NM

    April 29 in the United States

    Rising from the Chihuahuan Desert are the Guadalupe Mountains and underneath these mountains is Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Just behind the Visitor Center the Park staff accommodation, built in stone was totally in keeping with the landscape. The park is famous for the Brazilian Freetail Bats that migrate in the spring from Mexico to give birth in the caves. We’re too early in the year to see the main colony flying out at dusk. We booked on the Kings Palace tour and walked the 1.25 miles down through the Natural Entrance to meet the ranger at the cafe, gift shop and incredibly fully functioning toilets 800 feet beneath the surface.
    The Caverns are numerous, huge and spectacular, the photos do not do them justice. We were totally in awe of what nature has created over 260 million years since this area was a marine environment.
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  • Day73

    Petroglyph National Monument - NM

    May 2 in the United States

    On the edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico is Petroglyph National Monument. After a tour of the visitor centre we drove 6 miles to the trail head at Piedras Marcadas Canyon. There are around 5000 petroglyphs in the canyon carved 400 - 700 years ago by the Pueblo people who inhabited the area. Birds, reptiles, people, circles and hands, some with 6 fingers which was common and revered among the Pueblans. Some of the petroglyphs look distinctly alien, giving rise to the theory that earth has been visited by them in the distant past. It was great to walk, climb and try and spot them.Read more

  • Day11

    New Mexico!

    April 26 in the United States

    After Amarillo, like the coin decided for me, i wanted to head a bit more south. That’s what i was going to do... i guess. So ofcourse i started to doubt if this would be the right choice, i decided to just get on the road and take my little tank just a little bit towards Albuquerque and see if my mind is actually making up its mind. While on the road, I noticed that there was a really strong wind pushing me to the south, and even big trucks did not seem to keep their position on the road very well, so i had to get off the main road for a while, next to the freeway. While i was driving a more comfortable 45 mph, i saw a sign on the road telling me that i was on the good old Route 66 once more!. After driving for a while i saw a person standing next to the road, with a huge backpack on, and a cardboard saying Albuquerque... In a split decision i decided to take this guy in, and also decided in that instance, that i could probably also drive to Albuquerque and then head south as the coin decided for me.
    This really nice guy turned out to be hitchhiking across the USA for about a year after graduation, and it was fun having some good company during the drive! The drive to Albuquerque was really showed that the climate was changing, and the view changed more into a desert area, with big mountains in the background. When we reached a town about 60 miles from my final destination, we both went our own way.. probably after letting him listen to some classic happy hardcore songs from Europe did the trick haha.
    After arriving on a city campground, which ofcourse had plenty of RVs around, but no people, who could have guessed!, i decided to stick around in New Mexico for a couple of days, as there are many great places to visit in this State.

    Next morning, i found out that my refrigerator died on me last night, so before i can head out, i will have to visit a repair shop to get this thing sorted out, but this gives me some time to write this blog, so all is fine!

    See you later!

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