• Day58

    Port Canaveral, well done Chisit.

    March 7, 2013 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 41 °F

    Today was port Canaveral and John (chisit) had pre-booked our transport and entrance to the Kennedy space centre.
    Everything went like clockwork, we left the ship about 8.20 and our private minibus was waiting for us to rocket us off to the space centre, no waiting in the shuttle queues for us! (see what I did there, Rocket, shuttle? lmao)
    It also worked out about half the ships tour price on which you had to pile onto a big coach.
    The fifteen minute journey was made interesting by the driver who gave us a running commentary on all the interesting points locally, even stopping at a storage depot in the middle of nowhere, to show us a unused fuel tank from the shuttle program, it was huge, it is the big orange thing the shuttle is attached to on take off.
    It wasn't part of the space centre display, so that was a nice little extra that you wouldn't have got on the ships tour.
    When he dropped us off at the centre we had pre-booked tickets so no waiting in line, we went straight in.
    Once in we spent a brilliant seven hours exploring the wonders of space travel, from the two 3D IMAX cinema shows, to the space shuttle simulator (which was a bit tame), along with the rocket garden, astronauts memorial and my favourite the amazing 364ft Saturn rocket, we had a brilliant day, and there was still lots more to see, if only we had the time.
    My only disappointment was that we didn't get to see and stand on the real space shuttle which I did last time I was here, about ten years ago.
    But it has been moved to the New display centre for the Atlantis program which doesn't open till June this year, maybe next time...
    Once again Chisit well done and if the stuff you've booked for is in Charleston is half as good, we'll be on a winner.
    I'm gonna stop now or you'll be getting a big (bigger)
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