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  • Day29

    Naples - Clearwater - St Augustine

    June 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Managed to get to the 7 Mile Bridge over the Keys before another heavy thunderstorm hit us and followed us most of the way. Still, we enjoyed the country music on the way. As we arrived at Naples on the Gulf of Mexico coast, the weather cleared and we had a lovely walk around this beautiful city. It is very clean and upmarket with classy designer shops and fine restaurants. The homes lining the palm tree 🌴 avenues were gorgeous, and the area has been referred to as the Palm Springs of Florida. I remembered being here with Mags - can it really have been 34 years ago? - and we loved it then too. It really has to be one of the most attractive cities in Florida. Had a lovely walk along the old pier and saw a young fisherman catch a hammerhead shark, to the great excitement of onlookers, which he released back into the ocean.

    Next day we headed north up the Gulf Coast and arrived at our next destination - Clearwater Beach. Another beautiful place. Today was hot and sunny and so we headed to the lovely white sandy beach. Although it was busy, there was plenty of space for everyone. I have to say though, with all the tanned, svelte bodies around, we looked a bit like Bette and Joan in the final beach scene of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Another lovely evening walk and another busy pier, this time lined with stalls selling arts and crafts.

    Regrettably the sunshine didn’t last, as we left the Gulf Coast. We stopped for breakfast at a traditional American diner, complete with wisecracking waitress. The diner was located adjacent to a Dinner Theatre, a Lutheran Church and the County Courthouse. A middle aged couple in the booth next to us were having a heated discussion, presumably prior to their divorce hearing in the Court next door. ‘The bed may be yours, but I goddam paid for that sofa and you ain’t having that!’ declared the lady, as they exited the diner into their separate cars.

    Next stop was an overnight at America’s oldest city - St Augustine. Although very touristy, it was an attractive town to walk around in, and the main historic area was pedestrianised and easy to get about. We particularly liked the beautiful former Ponce de Leon Hotel, now Flagler College, built by industrialist Henry Flagler, a key figure in the development of the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

    Looking forward to catching up with Sadie and family tomorrow!
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  • Day26

    The Wetlands - Literally

    June 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    After another lovely breakfast by the pool, we departed Miami and headed to Florida’s 1.5 million acre wetlands preserve - the Everglades. En route along the long state highway I had to brake to avoid a fat alligator 🐊 trying to cross the road. After that, Campbell was reluctant to get out of the car.

    On arrival at the metropolis of Everglades City (population 416), we decided to take one the many Air Boat tours across the mangroves and marshes. ‘I wouldn’t sit in front of the boat unless you want to get a little wet’ warned the lady behind us knowingly. ‘We’re from Scotland’ we reassured her. We took off at a hair raising speed, and 5 minutes later the heavens opened and we were caught in a torrential downpour for the rest of the trip. Still we had fun and saw a few alligators on the way. By the time we got off we were absolutely soaked to the skin, including the lady behind us, and had to use the hair dryer in our motel to dry out our soggy dollar bills.

    Had a nice dinner at the Island Cafe next door with a friendly atmosphere and real country cooking - hard to believe we were only 2 hours from Miami but in a completely different world.
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  • Day21

    South Fl, Lucy and Charlie Brown

    January 9, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    30 hours later as planned I landed in Miami.... together with other 456 flights! Chaos at the airport. I was sent to the wrong belt to collect my luggage, fortunately other fellows travelers had the same experience so I was not the crazy Latino girl not knowing where to get her rucksack.
    Luckily the staff at the airport were very friendly and compassionate and helped us till finally I was in the right area.
    As “reward” the rental car company upgraded my car for a Chrysler 300.... no comments. I nicely refused the hearse I got back my Toyota Yaris.
    Very tired I finally arrived at my sisters, where Ava, Michelle, Lucy and Charlie Brown were awaiting for me 💕💕💕
    My learnings so far:
    - The equanimity training is working. I wasn’t mad or nervous during the time at the airport. I observed my emotions and behaviors and gave me so much love.
    - Although I was so tired 😴 I was full of vital energy gain in Indonesia and kept inside me as a precious treasure.
    - You are the only one that give a value to an upgrade. No matter if it is the rented car or the hotel room or anything, where someone else defines that it is an upgraded added to you in that moment. If this thing doesn't make me better, or happier or more peaceful, then keep better with the Toyota Yaris.... that is the right decision for me.

    Loving Charlie Brown and Lucy (see pics).
    I am beautiful (says the most beautiful little sobrina that someone can have)
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  • Day4

    it was nice to meet you - miami!

    August 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    ersch no grad aacho, isch hüt scho üse letst tag in miami. rückblickend uf di 3 tolle täg gitz fougends derzue z‘säge:

    * miami: e metropole mit viune hochhüser🌆.

    * vom üsserste zipfu uf der miami beach insle het me e fantastische blick uf d‘skyline🔭.

    * es het e grossi viufaut a gebäudestile je nach viertu (modern, art déco, latinamerikanisch, streetart etc.)🏚.

    * ds stadtviertu wynwood isch üses persönleche highlight gsi🎨.

    * d‘luft ir stadt isch sehr dräckig u schwär, am meer aber eifach nume herrlech früsch🌬.

    * hie herrscht konstant ä enorm höche lärmpegu (flugi, outo...)🔈.

    * schlächte öv aber supper uber (taxi)🚕.

    * entweder triffsch u härzlechi oder sehr mürreschi iiwohner - git kes zwüschedrin🤝.

    * 90% rede hie spanisch, mit änglisch chunsch nid geng eso wit📙.

    * wätter: durchgehend chläbrigi huut, kombiniert mit entweder viu räge oder sunnebrand☀️.

    * bus, taxi & läde füähle sech aa wine chüeuhschrank (öppe 15° ungerschid zur ussetemperatur)🌡.

    * spontani hunde-rettigs-aktione (vom pierre, dä tubbu, wo zum fänster use gumpet isch) uf ere 19-spurige chrützig, mit aaschliessendem verkehrschaos ghöre hie zum lifestyle🐕.

    * spannendi begägnige mit freiläbende hüähner uf der strass oder leguane und schlange zmitzt ir stadt kenne mer vo europa ou nid🐓.

    * für zwe bächere glace oder drü schibli tomate mozzarella salat zautme doch gärn 15$...💰

    * a der houptpromenade isch d‘ufdringlechkeit vom servierpersonal scho bau unagnähm👨🏼‍🍳.

    * u augemein vom ässe müässe mer hie gar nid afa verzeue🥴🍔

    o wenn hie oder da paar useforderige ufnis gwartet hei, isch miami e einzigartegi u spannendi stadt✨.

    sara & jael - 03.08.19
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  • Day247

    Miami, Florida

    November 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Gestern landete ich in Miami (endlich wieder warm) und zog in ein Hostel in Miami Beach ein. Ich fuhr mit einer gratis Bahn durch die Stadt, besuchte riesige Shopping Center und schaue mir heute Abend ein NBA Game in der American Airlines Arena an. So viele verschiedene Fast Food Restaurants hab ich bis jetzt in keinem Land gesehen und ich muss feststellen, das mir bis jetzt zu 90% unfreundliche und unmotivierte Menschen begegnet sind. Mal sehen was Miami noch zu bieten hat...Read more

  • Day190

    USA - Miami...et c'est fini

    March 14, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Etat d'urgence, fermeture des frontieres, nous avons donc décidé d'écourter de quelques jours notre séjour et de repartir vers Miami pour prendre l'avion.
    Un dernier apéro sur la Marina de Bayside et demain départ pour Montréal en espérant que nous pourrons rentrer sans problème.Read more

  • Day128

    Palm Coast

    January 27, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Heute sind wir nach Palm Coast gefahren. Auf dem Weg waren wir in St. Augustine, der ältesten Stadt der USA. Leider hat es in Strömen geregnet und war super windig... wir sind dann nur kurz zur alten Burg gegangen und dann ein bisschen in die Altstadt, die ziemlich schön war. Danach waren wir allerdings pitschnass und in unsere Schuhen ist das Wasser geschwommen, sodass wir dann direkt nach Palm Coast in unsere Unterkunft gefahren sind.
    Wir freuen uns schon, wenn wir weiter in den Süden und dann nochmal in richtiges Sommerwetter kommen!
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  • Day135

    Smathers Beach

    February 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Heute haben wir uns das Haus von Ernest Hemmingway von außen angeguckt. Danach sind wir an den Smathers Beach gegangen. Das ist ein richtig karibischer Strand mit weißen Sand und Palmen. Leider waren aber super viele Algen im Wasser, weswegen wir nicht schwimmen waren. Abends haben wir dann natürlich den Super Bowl geguckt - wenn wir schon mal in Amerika sind zu dieser Zeit 😎Read more

  • Day142

    Miami Beach

    February 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Gestern sind wir nach Miami - unsere letzte Station - gefahren. Heute haben wir uns dann das Art Déco Viertel angeguckt und waren am South Beach. Dort standen viele schöne bunte Lifeguard-Häuschen, leider war es aber auch sehr voll. Nachdem wir noch auf dem Pier waren, ging es dann durch einen schönen Park am Yachthafen zurück.Read more

  • Day169

    Fort Lauderdale

    April 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Zuallererst möchte ich mich für eure netten Kommentare und Likes bedanken. Das ist für mich än Uufsteller.
    Fort Lauderdale ist für seinen Strand berühmt, sauber und 11 km lang. Auf eine Tour um Krokodile zu sehen habe ich verzichtet 😉 , deren kleine Schwestern haben mir genügt.
    Und dann war da noch dieses interessante Sonnenbild.
    Morgen fliege ich nach Marsh Harbour/Bahamas. Vom 6.-12.4. segeln mit einer Reisegruppe.
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Florida, FL, ፍሎሪዳ, فلوريدا, Florida suyu, فلوریدا ایالتی, Флорида, Штат Фларыда, ফ্লোরিডা, ཧྥོ་ལོ་རི་ཌ།, فلۆریدا, Φλόριντα, Florido, فلوریدا, Floride, Floarida, Fu-lò-lî-tha̍t, Pololika, פלורידה, फ़्लोरिडा, Florid, Ֆլորիդա, Flórídạ, Flórída, ᑉᓘᕇᑖ, フロリダ州, ფლორიდა, ಫ್ಲಾರಿಡ, 플로리다 주, فئلوریدا, Флориде, ഫ്ലോറിഡ, फ्लोरिडा, ဖလော်ရီဒါပြည်နယ်, फ्लोरिदा, Gah Bikeeʼ Taahíʼahí, Флоридæ, ਫ਼ਲੌਰਿਡਾ, Floryda, فلوریڈا, Flórida, Flòrida, Fluorėda, புளோரிடா, ఫ్లోరిడా, รัฐฟลอริดา, Florida Shitati, 佛罗里达州, Плоорид, פלארידע, 佛羅里達州