• Day85

    Good flight but, soooo long!

    April 27, 2014 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    Well the taxi came on time as usual.
    I can highly recommend Martin and his airport service.
    The airport check in was brill, it took all of 2 minutes to drop our bags and check in.
    The flight to Heathrow was uneventful as was the flight to Miami, the latter being good but long and tiring.
    Sheila and I have agreed that after the cruise next January, we'll probably not be doing anymore long haul flights.
    Anyway we arrive at the wonderful Miami airport, where the lovely immigration officer refuses to accept sheilas disabled card, saying it's not an official US document. I know you knob it's an official UK document.
    Anyway Shelia calms me down and we join the other queue.
    Maz and Sue are already at the front and convinced one of the staff that we were travelling together and she let us join them.
    We were very grateful as Sheila could not have stood for much longer she was knackered. Anyway we get through "homeland security"
    Then we have to queue again for customs where a completely disinterested customs guy takes a Perfunctory glance at our passports and waves us through.
    A completely pointless exercise as we had already had our passports checked properly at immigration.
    I'm certain they don't really want visitors in this bloody country.
    No wonder they are disliked all over the world.
    Anyway got to the hotel with the excellent transfer service, good, quick service.
    The hotel is nice and the room is excellent.
    So it's now 5.30am and I'm on the lobby having a coffee and writing this blog.
    I'm looking forward to watching the Liverpool v Chelsea game which is on the TV at 9.05am local time.
    Just a bit disappointed with the Everton result yesterday, think they've thrown away the 4th place in the league, as I can't see Arsenal slipping up now, as they've just started hitting some good form.
    But hey ho, it's only football, and for once Mr Shankly was wrong it's not more important than life and death, as Hillsborough proved.
    Speak later.
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