• Day23


    December 29, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    I still wasn't entirely recovered from Bali, so the first day was very tiring. I arrived very early in the morning, and my first impression of Bangkok was that it wasn't that chaotic as I expected. The traffic wasn't that bad and there weren't that many scammers etc. The first day I went to an amulet market, which was pretty cool, then I went to the royal palace, which was nice but way to crowded so I really couldn't enjoy it and the experience wasn't worth it for me. In the night I met up for some drinks in the red light district, which was pretty interesting.

    The next day I went to another temple, which was much better, a lot less people were there luckily. In the afternoon I went to one of the biggest weekend markets in Bangkok. I was just wondering around taking random directions and never got to a same spot again haha, that's how big it was. In the night I went out on Khao San road, where there are a lot of backpackers, so it's not really Thais.

    Next day me and a friend went to a museum, after that we stumbled upon some charity event and I got the spiciest food I've had in my life so far. At sunset we went to a temple on a mountain, with beautiful view over Bangkok. This night was new years, so I partied again. The next day was just relaxing and making a plan for my next stop, in the night I took a bus to Chiang Mai.

    Bangkok was okay, what I didn't like was that it was so crowded everywhere so I couldn't really enjoy it though.

    I had the best soup I ever had here! I'm not really a soup guy but this soup had so much flavor.
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