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  • Day106

    Khao San Road - food, food & more food!

    December 14, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    In Thailand there is a road named Khao San Road. It is a road where vendors come and sell food. You can buy food like meat on a stick, fresh fruit and things like pad thai. There was a place that had smoothies which were delicious because there was so much fresh fruit in them. There were a bunch of people selling scorpions and spiders and bugs which I think is disgusting. We did not try any of this type of food. There were a lot of places where you could get your hair braided and a lot of places you could get a massage.

    I had the most delicious mango smoothie on Khao San Road. It was so fresh and refreshing because it was 33 degrees outside. One of the nights we were sampling food, I got ice cream. The ice cream was plain, butit came in a coconut and the guy who I bought it from took a carrot peeler and scraped the side of the coconut to get shavings in it. The fruit was the best I ever had.Iit was juicy and flavorful - it was sososo good. The meat on a stick was also good - my favorite was the chicken. Khao San Road used to be a road that backpackers go to eat because the food was so cheap but then the government cleaned the road up and it became more touristy.

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  • Day107

    Thailand International Half and 10km run

    December 15, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    A few months ago, I thought it would be a great idea for David to run a half marathon in Bangkok and for the girls and I to run a 10 km race. ha! As the date approached, the girls questioned my sanity. They made it known that they had just finished trekking EBC, and the fact that they had never run 10 km before and that the start time was at 4:15 a.m. And the heat! We are northerners through and through and the idea of running in 70% humidity and 27 degrees even made me question my decision. But it was great!

    We woke up at 2:30 a.m., grabbed a taxi and arrived at 3:00 a.m. along with 4,000+ other runners from 49 countries around the world. This is the biggest running event either David or I have participated in and the number of other runners certainly inspired the girls.

    David set our at 3:30 a.m. and finished his half in 1:45. Slow for him, but the heat was just too much. The girls, who have only ever run 7 km before, finished their 10 km in 1:28. We all ran together and did a run/walk at a 3/2. The ice water was a welcome treat, as was the watermelon. So juicy! And the rice and omelette was the best post-run food we've ever had. The jelly soup looked interested, but at 6:00 in the morning, none of us were adventurous enough to try it.

    Our next run will be in Seoul, Korea in March, 2020, which will hopefully see some milder temperatures.

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  • Day134

    Bangkok to UK - preparation

    November 12, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 30 °C

    Really nothing to report today unless you wanted photos of K shaving her legs posted- nope didn’t think so.
    Spent the day at Lilac Relax Residence repacking, decluttering now defunct paperwork, assimilating SIM cards etc yep it’s all lilac throughout!!
    I just added the third photo for a laugh!!
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  • Day3

    A Chef's Tour: Part 1

    January 16 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    This was a really great tour, fun and informative and our guide Andy spoke English well and was lovely about weaving in stories and history on our tour. This was mostly an introduction to street foods on Yaowarat Rd., along with a few brick and mortar stops. Most of the food was Chinese, rather than Thai, but most of it was super delicious!

    1. ginger soup w/crispy cracker, black sesame paste balls, gingko nuts and tofu: very gingery, lightly sweet

    2. dumplings filled with chinese chives and magic sauce (sweet soy, vinegar, chili, garlic)

    3. pork leg with vegetables (similar to sauerkraut, some type of pickled greens); chili oil and garlic on side. tastes like comfort food

    4. peanut sauce. soup w/ginger, cabbage, bean thread noodles, egg, green onion. very light and clean tasting, mild flavoured. peanut sauce really makes it delicious

    5. chicken skewers, satay sauce, side salad. I don't like ordering this at home and only end up with it when other people order it, because the chicken is almost always dry. This is nothing like what I get at home. The chicken is super moist, marinated in coconut milk overnight, grilled with charcoal. peanut sauce is spicier and less sweet than back home. salad is refreshing with a vinegary kick, very lightly spicy.

    6. herbal drink: pennywort, kind of tastes like spinach and carrot (It was refreshing to have in the heat. I didn't love it but I also didn't hate it. It was just something I tried but I wouldn't have it again.

    7. shrimp dumplings

    8. Thai green curry with rice and fried slices of Chinese sausage. This green curry tasted nothing like I would get at home. The fried slices of Chinese sausage are a brilliant addition, adding some crunch and a bit of sweetness and saltiness.

    9. soy sauce ice cream: tastes kind of like caramel

    10. green mango with shrimp sauce: a little coconut sugar on the green mango for sweetness as the green mango is tart. shrimp sauce is salty and spicy (green chilis) and also has some cilantro. Hands down, the BEST thing I ate all night!
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  • Day3

    We have arrived!

    January 16 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Finally arrived in Bangkok and checked in to our hotel. Once on wifi, realized we apparently missed Snowmageddon back home, so this trip was amazing timing on our part! It was just starting to snow when we left.

    Flew China Eastern for the first time. Wasn't sure what to expect as the reviews were mostly really good or really bad. All in all, I have no complaints! Well worth the $700 round-trip airfare! 😊

    I'm 5'2" but had plenty of leg-room. Sharon will have to provide her own opinion this! Each seat was provided a new pair of headphones, and there was individual in-seat entertainment. There was a mix of movies, including recent Hollywood releases. They even had games which were pretty fun and helped to pass the time.

    Foodwise, it's airplane food. What do you expect?? On the first leg, from Vancouver to Shanghai, we were served 2 meals. It wasn't bad but was served cold/lukewarm. My only wish was for it to be hot. Aside from that, the shrimp on rice in corn sauce was good, as was the pork pasta. They also served warm buns, but it came after they had served the meal. Would have been nice if it had been served at the same time. We also got a tuna sandwich as a snack between the meals, but it definitely wasn't that interesting. On the 4 hour flight from Shanghai to Bangkok, we got a single package of crackers. No comments on it as I didn't eat it.

    Finally arrived in Bangkok! We had pre-booked a transfer and after a little while, Sharon spotted the sign and the nice man waiting for us. Quiet drive to the hotel but thankful that there was no traffic at 2am! Couldn't wait to check in and get some rest. No complaints about the hotel! We had booked a holiday escape package that included a room upgrade and it definitely was that! Views from the 24th floor (highest floor the elevator goes to!) at 3am. Can't wait to see this view in daylight after some sleep.
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  • Day3


    January 16 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Yep, we went to a mall. Seemed like a chill, relaxed thing to do that didn't require any thinking. Didn't find any cute dresses that would be suitable for visiting temples (which require you to dress modestly and cover up your shoulders and knees), but it did have an amazing section with stuff made by local artisans, such as jewelry, pottery, glassware, beauty products and household decor. The bottom floor was an incredible replica of a night market and there was so much "street food". One of the upper floors had an incredible range of restaurants, all with delicious sounding dishes. If I hadn't been full from breakfast, the hardest thing would have been deciding what to eat! Stopped for a drink at Fallabella, to rest, relax and enioy the view. Overcast and smoggy and surprisingly bright, and then the sun came out and it got REALLY bright and hot very quickly. Still operating off little sleep, so it was time to go back to the hotel for a siesta before the street food tour tonight.

    We also learned that it was cheaper to pay the taxi by meter instead of a flat rate (75THB vs 200THB), and even though we were paying by meter, he still wanted cash upfront. (Which we definitely didn't do. How were we supposed to know how much to pay when we hadn't reached our destination?) He turned out to be pretty nice and taught us that a woman says khob kun ka, which means thank you, and a man says khob kun krub.
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  • Day4

    A day of wandering

    January 17 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 32 °C

    Amazing day wandering this beautiful city. Started with a walk towards the river with a confused look on our faces and a tuk-tuk driver picked us out of the crowds and convinced us to take a long boat ride instead of the hop on hop off boat. The private boat was a nice experience, two temples later, Pretty sure we spent too much on the longboat but the experience was worth it.
    Wat Pho what is next on our list and it was outstanding! The weather is starting to be quite hot at this time of day so the shaded areas were most welcome. We were lucky enough to experience the monks in the temple with their chanting and the Buddha's were everywhere inside of the complex. We also learned that the Buddhas with the flame on top of their heads were the ones that reached divine wisdom where are the other buddha’s we’re their protectors. After that we were more than happy to have a beautiful lunch in an air-conditioned area.
    We tried to gain entrance to the Saranrom Palace but it was closed for the day so the kind gentleman helped us to get a tuk-tuk to a number of different areas starting with the tall Buddha at the golden mount. Then we received some excellent advice and details from a volunteer who had spent time in British Columbia as well as Alberta. We visited a export centre which had one week no tax per year for sapphires and rubies mined out of Thailand. That was 195% tax savings! Then off to the suit makers and we both are having beautiful suits made, yippee! By this time our tuk-tuk driver was tired of our company and chose to deliver us with a pout on his face to a metro station which was completely on the other end of town! Still with smiles on our faces we took the train home to prepare for Jay Fai, our Michelin chef experience!
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  • Day3

    A Chef's Tour: Part 2

    January 16 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    tom yum soup: the original! distinctly taste the salty, sour, seafoody. chili on side

    water mimosa: garlicky, sweet, spicy. very good!

    river prawn: grilled, firm meat. seafood sauce: garlicky, spicy (red and green chilis), salty, lemony, little sugar

    kind of like a chinese donut with pandan leaf custard

    fresh mango juice

    mango with sticky rice. mangoes here are different. smooth, creamy, not stringy

    Yaowarat Rd: very different from day to night
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  • Day6

    Klong Lat Mayom Floating market

    January 19 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    We had a wonderful morning of relaxing with a late pick up at 10:30 for the floating market. Our driver was named kittichat but he asked we call him Boat, which was a good chuckle because he was going to be out boat tour guide. After 30 minute drive we arrived at the market and boarded our paddle boat. Quite happy to be on this type of boat because as we were waiting, a long boat steamed by at high speed into the market for another tour company. Not sure how you get a good tour at high speed 😳. Another advantage of the slower boat was that were got to go through a lotus field which was truly just breath taking!
    We were taken through narrow water ways, seen how some of the locals lived and even were fortunate enough to see a water lizard!
    Once our tour was complete on the water we entered the market by foot to see all the food sold and created there. Of course, once done touring we all chose different items to try and share. The heat was so stifling that we shared a few beers to cool off.
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