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  • Day372


    April 6, 2018 in Zimbabwe ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Next we went to the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, where lies the Victoria falls the 'largest' (widest) waterfall in the world. Three quarters of the falls lie in the Zimbabwean side of the border and one quarter on the Zambian side! This is where we were to leave some of our first group that we had traveled with. Some were going home and some were heading down the Johannesburg rather than Cape Town. Therefore, on the first day, some we supported people who wanted to bungee jump, (I wanted to do it myself but as it was extremely touristy here the prices were astronomical so decided to pass). We then had a wander into town and had a look round the local 'culture' which was just shops aimed at tourists. That evening we all went on a sunset cruise to see the wild life in the zambazie river above the Victoria falls. However, given this was out last night together as a group (or the members of the group we liked anyways) and there was unlimited alcohol it turned into a rather drunken affair as everyone tried to get their money's worth. This night was also when we were meant to meet people in our next tour. So when we arrived reasonably drunk at the fairly upmarket restaurant our new guide had picked out for us.... I don't think we made the best first impression!
    The next morning after saying goodbye rather later in the morning that anticipated. We visited the Victoria falls national park. Again here our seasonal planning of this trip was thrown into question. It was the wet season. Not only did this mean we couldn't do the activities we wanted to before arriving. Such as white water rafting and the hells pool (basically a natural swimming pool on the top, at the edge of the water fall), but it also meant there was so much spray from the waterfall that we could hardly see it, except from a distance, oh yea and we also got soaked!! However, it was still a fairly impressive sight!! That night we prepared ourselves for the next leg of our journey which we left for the following day.
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