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  • Day7

    San Francisco here we come

    September 21, 2018 in the United States β‹… πŸŒ™ 16 Β°C

    Woke up early today, I did not twist and turn all night 😁. We have breakfast, pack our gear and head to the Apple Store. I was curious to see if they had any new shiny iPhones. Unfortunately the store only had phones for people whom had reserved in advance. We try a mall 10 minutes away but the line up is longer than what I am ready to wait. Getting the phone here is cheaper with the cureen dollar and the tax rate at 8%. I will see if it is available in a couple days.

    While returning to the San Francisco Airport we stop by a couple of points of interest. We first stop at the NASA Ames research center. There is a free exhibit, we spend 20 minutes there as there is not a ton to see but hey its was freeπŸ˜‰.

    We then stop at a pizzaria nearby for lunch. The pizza was great and the crust was excellent. We have some leftovers for snack laterπŸ˜‹. After pizza we visit Google an go take photos with the various statues they created for e different versions of Android.

    We then go fill the car with gas and bring it back to the rental place. Our next challenge is to get to our AirBnB. We decide to take Uber instead of the subway as the price is not much higher and we have lots of bags to carry. Trying to find the place for our Uber to pick us up was a bit of a challenge. Depending on what Uber service you take there are different places that you have to go. Of course we pick the wrong places and have to keep changing locations. Finally we get to where we think is the spot and order our Uber. The driver tells he gas arrived but does not see us... again we missed something as we are on the wrong floor... We head up to the correct floir and finally get in our Uber. The driver is really kind, he gives us tips for our trip in SF.

    We arrive at our AirBnB, it's a nice place. We have a smal studio with a kitchenette for doing some simple cooking. We mainly wanted a mini fridge for getting some cold beer and some other foods πŸ˜‰.

    After settling in we take the Muni (SF bus system) downtown to pick up a city pass that we purchased which will allow us free transportation for 3 days and give us access to 4 attractions. We are planning to make full use of the pass.

    We then decide to walk around town and go for a couple of drinks. On our way back we stop for food before heading back to our studio.

    We have heard the unfortunate news about the tornado that hit Gatineau today. We are sorry for all who are affected. We chat with our friends are relieved to hear that they are safe.
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