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  • Day3

    Trois Pistoles Quebec

    September 1, 2017 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    We drove from Kouchibouguac to Trois Pistoles today. We mostly listened to a You tube Download of an audiobook -- BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS -- by Agatha Christie. It is interesting.

    Things I learned today:

    1. I used to think that I slept while Tarjei drove during car trips because I was a working Ob/Gyn with a huge years-long sleep deficit. Now that I have been retired for 2 years I realize that I sleep in the car because I like to sleep in cars. Tarjei likes to drive and is a terrible anxious passenger so it works out well.

    2. When you want to close the Volvo windows, lift UP on the switch. There was a black cat crossing the street outside our lovely BnB in Trois Pistoles. Tarjei noted the fated feline and took immediate Action to prevent our 2 mutts from escaping. Unfortunately he pushed DOWN on the window switch and both dogs leaped out the back window onto Main Street. The black cat took off, followed by 2 black&white canine streaks. We found both dogs later. The cat may still be up a tree.

    3. Trois Pistoles does not mean 3 hand guns. The "Pistole" was and old French coin -- like shilling apparently. The town was named after someone lost a treasure in this part of the St. Lawrence coast -- valuable, worth about 3 "pistoles". The meaning of the word was a disillusionment. Tarjei refuses to believe it. He wants it to mean "gun".

    Now snuggled into BnB. Goodnight.
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