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  • Day5


    September 3, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    September 2nd we took the ferry North across the St. Lawrence at the mouth of the Saguenay. We saw lots of seals, a minkie whale, and a beluga. We had to drop the dogs off at a kennel in Chicoutimi because they are not permitted -- even on leash -- at Quebec parks. The mutts seemed perfectly OK with the it -- I guess it's summer camp for them. But I miss them while we camp and hike.

    The park has a spectacular location overlooking the fjord on the lower Saguenay River. Today we did a challenging hike along a trail to a large statue of the Virgin Mary. It was erected in about 1880 by a commercial traveller. Apparently he accidentally drove his wagon into the Saguenay river one winter night but he and his horse were both rescued. He was so thankful that he spent his life raising money to erect this statue in thanks. It is located high above the river and is intended to impress people (like the statue of Christ above Rio du Janeiro.) She is called "Notre Dame de la Conception". She was carved from a huge pine tree, 80 feet high, encased in lead plates painted white and gold. There are cables to keep her from falling over or blowing away.

    It is expected to rain heavily all night. And -- I am a bit embarrassed about this -- we are sleeping in the car. Now, I know that my intrepid purist camping buddies (they know who they are) are shocked and appalled. But the idea of emerging from the cozy tent in the morning and having to fold up masses of sopping wet fabric and dig up the muddy pegs -- it was just too dispiriting. So we have packed up the dry tent. Tarjei and I are lying luxuriously in sleeping bags the back of the station wagon. It reminds me of our university days in Edmonton when we both lived at home....
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