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  • Day11

    Cape of Good Hope

    February 19, 2019 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    In the morning we leave the hotel with another discussion about the payment of the bill, and we head to Cape of Good Hope.
    It is not a very long drive and it’s very enjoyable. We get there and we discover that the place is very big and has a lot of different paths. We start from a side path that goes up to the mountain to see Cape of good hope from a distant point, and then we move to the other path to walk to the historical light house. The path is incredible and we stop every second to take pictures! On the way back we even buy some souvenirs.
    Funny fact: a baboon stole my water and I got really scared! Fuffi said “if we were in a cartoon you would have jumped on me like Scooby doo”. The monkey came close to me, tried to take the water, I jumped and threw the water to her, but she would not stop, she went to Fuffi that gently passed the bottle to the monkey, and then monkey was happy, took the water and left me with a trauma.

    After Cape of good hope we had to hurry in order to go to see the colony of penguins. With one hour driving we were in boulders beach!
    The colony was huge!!! Thousand of penguins living their lives without caring at all about us being there watching them and taking pictures of them!
    In the beach next to boulders beach it is possible to bathe, and that’s where we did our first bath! Together with penguins!

    We stayed at the beach until the sun went down, then we picked an icecream and prepared ourselves for a long drive to Gordon’s bay.
    On our way there we got stuck on the street because of a huge event that was going on in a small village. We had to change our path and take a highway that was not recommended and that made us arrive at Gordon’s bay tired and stressed.

    Luckily at the hotel the landlady was really nice, warmed up some food for us that we took in the room and we could rest properly getting ready for the day after!
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