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  • Day21

    Hunter Valley (hot air balloon)

    October 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We woke at 4.30am and drove to Petersons House which is where we had to meet for the hot air balloon.
    It was pitch dark.
    We took a 10 minute bus ride to a big open field where there was 5 hot air balloons. We were all in different groups and there was 21 people on our basket. Two baskets had to hold 5 people each for Jake volunteered for us to go in it. I could have killed him at the time as I was so nervous but it ended up being ok as we had good views and no one in our way for pictures.
    It was so so cool. The sun rise was so nice too. It was a bit cold but the heat from the blower kept us warm. The balloon would randomly go down and we thought we were landing but it was so it could gather cold air in it too go up higher again.
    It was such good fun. For the landing you have to get into a certain position and it kind of hops along and then the captain pulls a rope so it dosent flip over.
    After we went into a big room that was like for a wedding and had champagne, tea, orange juice and a really nice fry.
    We then left there and we went to Coles before we went back to the campsite to get bits for lunch. We got back to the campsite, had our showers and got changed for the wine tasting. We walked out to the end of the road and got collected by a guy called Tyler.
    He dropped us to the first tasting which was good. We bought a bottle of sparkling cider which was really nice. Then we got collected and went to the next one. This was really nice family owned winery. They had a goat called Kevin and they had a pet sheep that lived to the age of 20 called Sheila. We bought a wine there which was nice and refreshing too. Then we were dropped to the distillery that was fun and Jake tried some really hot chilli vodka.
    Tyler was then 1 hour 15 mins late collecting us 😅 he said there was traffic but we were in the middle of nowhere and could smell McDonald's in his car!
    We asked him did he know anywhere nice to eat and he advised his to go to Potters brewery because they had nice food. He said it was only about a 20 min walk to our campsite. We said bye and he asked us to give him a review on trip advisor.
    We had our food then we searched Google maps and it was a 50 minute walk to out campsite!!!!! We were gonna kill Tyler 😅 we couldn't get a taxi either as we were in the middle of no where. After ages we eventually got one.
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