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  • Day45

    Time to go home

    March 21, 2019 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Got up packed our bags and took them to the 'in town check in' on the metro where we dropped off our main bags and set out to enjoy the rest of our day in the city. First stop was the mid level escalators - the longest covered outdoor escalators and walkways in the world - about 1km total length. Up to 10am the escalators are set to descend to bring the workers into the city. Then they switch to ascend for the rest of the day (taking 20minutes to change the direction). We caught them all the way to the top (only having to climb the steps for the short section under maintenance) and then walked down. Glad we did it that way around! We did a few caches in the afternoon walking around Kowloon before stopping for dinner and then catching the metro to the airport. The plane we were on was an Airbus A380 - 800 - a double decker & the largest plane either of us had been on before. It was just huge with massive wings in length and width. Flight was good & we managed to get some sleep despite the legroom being a little cramped.Read more


    What’s it with the glass. Does it make the beer taste better.

    Paul Hersey

    It was a Japanese craft beer at 7.2% and this was the silly glass they came in!