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  • Day1360

    USA Tour - New York

    December 2, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Came to NYC after a coach trip from Atlantic City. Managed to watch the first half of the derby but missed the second half cause the WiFi on the coach was a joke!!!

    Anyway, stepped off the coach on W42nd street - right next to Broadway, 5th Avenue and Times Square. Unreal. The place is so alive and busy it’s insane! I was stayed in the Hilton on Times Square, I go into check in and the guy behind the counter wanted confirmation that I had a booking... turns out I was in the wrong Hilton.... bad divvy me. My hotel was just on the next block. Checked in and literally dived on the bed! Not had a bed as nice in 3 weeks it was amazing! Having my own shower and toilet was also boss.

    I went for a walk at night as I wanted to experience NYC at night, I made my way into Times Square which is unreal, so busy, so many lights, performers, and weirdos alike.

    I then made my way down to radio city hall which was awesome, such a cool place, there was also Christmas decorations up all over the place it looked awesome! Just the next block over was the Rockefeller centre which I had to visit! The Home Alone tree and the ice skating rink - it was incredible but also rammed. Genuinely made up I got to see it, the actual Rockefeller tower is also cool as fuck!

    After all the walking I needed a bevvy. I walked down past Saks 5th Avenue past the New York Public library to ‘Carraghers Bar’ it had to be done.

    Ended up there till around 12:30 trying different beers, there was a local beer called ‘montauk’ which is brewed on Long Island and it was a nice little beer. Got talking to a barman there called Dave who was sound he was from Ireland and had been living in NYC for 8 years. After the bar had closed I made my way to Madison Square Garden just to see it. It was awesome!

    Made my way back the hotel for the best nights sleep I’d had in weeks!!
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