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  • Day1509

    Asia Tour - Phnom Pehn - Cambodia

    April 30, 2019 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 36 °C

    Had another little walk around the city today - it’s certainly a developing one. Building works everywhere, new roads, and infrastructure being built. But if you look over the river it’s very traditional, houses on wooden stilts on the river banks!

    I did find it to be quiet too, especially down by the river banks, I expected it to be much busier. Not that I was complaining like!!

    I also managed to get tickets to the avengers in 4DX - cost me £6 for a ticket! SIX QUID!! For a 4D blockbuster film! I imagine it’s close to £20 back home!!

    The film was awesome - one of the best films I’ve ever seen - Iron Man is a hero!!!

    It also seems that Tom Holland is incredibly popular here in Cambodia as when he came on screen there was huge and I mean huge screams etc, even louder than when Captain America lifted Mjolnir!!!!

    After that i walked around of the malls that they have here - not as big as the ones in Bangkok but they’re alright I guess, considering Cambodia is a much poorer country than Thailand!

    It was getting late so I headed back to the hotel, got comfy in bed and watched Thor Ragnarock as my room had fox movies 🎥
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