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  • Day94

    The Rabbit

    December 9, 2016 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    There was this small rabbit, living in a hostel in Valparaiso. It's a city on the other side of the world, located directly at the beach, with walls covered of metal.
    The Rabbit's name was Benjamin. He was an albino, all over white with red eyes, and he was not alone in the hostel. of course there were the travellers and carlos, the owner. no, there were also three cats, who had every time an eye on him. As a rabbit is he was hiding the day deep down in his cave, build by someone, sometime ago. He thought it must have been made by a traveler, but they come and go, even if they stay a month or half a year. It was made out of a carton, stuffed with straw and the entrance was just big enough for him to jump in.
    In there he slept the whole day and just came out in the night, when all of the traveler's had drunken they're wine and gone to bed. He hopped through the terrace to the water. It was placed Beneath a bench, where all the travellers where smoking in the day and filling up the bowl with water for the cat's. Because at some point they had forgotten him, nobody knew that he was also living there. He just ate the vegetarian food which fall down from the german women, who pretended to live healthy with just eating vegetables, but were always smoking on the terrace.
    Even the cats just smelled him but nobody of them could ever see him. He was really careful with going outside. But of course, one day he had to make a mistake.

    It was a cold night and there was no chance of getting water and the end of the night. It would be frozen, so he had to go directly after the sunset. He knew that because it was happening every winter in that city.
    He hopped down the stairs from his place at the end of the terrace, through stairs up on the other side and up the small tube directly in the wall behind the water bowl. He looked around and there was nobody there, so he went to the pond and drank fully out of the bowl. But the cat's were just sitting behind one side of the bench and looking at him. Toni, Denise, and Number 3 where the names of the tree cat's that this hostel got with the time.
    And all of them were sitting there and starring at him, while he was incapable of just running away.

    What should he do? They're were just starring at him, three pairs of eyes in the darkness. Then Denise said: "I knew it is an albino. He's quite young. He smelled older." "He's not that big, we wouldn't be satisfied eating him," Number 3 said. "Do you think he would

    Rory the bad one

    He put all his power together amd rammed the other one. And he won. And while all this happened, the travellers discussed and drank wine. No one saw anything.

    And at then, he just hopped over, every evening when the travellers were sitting on the benches, got stroked by the them and drank as much as he wanted.
    It seems to be that rabbits are not just some fearful least not everytime.
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