• Day168

    Exploring Dunedin & Otago Peninsula

    June 26, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    This morning we got up about 9am. It was nice to have a lie in and not be rushing around to leave early. I had a day planned for everyone. First we drove to Dunedin botanical gardens. It was a lovely sunny day but a little chilly. It was a beautiful big garden with trees, a large pond, rivers and a few bridges and a heated Edwardian glass house full of exotic plants.

    Next we drove to Baldwin Street- the steepest residential Street in the World. It was quite steep walking up but they had steps on either side to make it easier. We also drove to the train station a beautiful old building from 1906. Seen in the picture below.

    We then enjoyed a curry at a local restaurant/takeaway. For $10 we got butter chicken, rice, naan and a drink. Really cheap for NZ. It was delicious.

    After this we drove to Sandfly bay in the hope to see some more yellow eyed penguins and some sea lions. A lot of places you have to pay to go and see them on the otago peninsula. But I read on a blog online that you can go to Sandfly bay to see them for free. We walked up and down some steep sand dunes to get to the bay. As soon as we arrived we could see 4 large sea lions. It was definitely the place to be to see wildlife. It was a lovely sandy beach and the waves were crashing in. After patiently waiting we saw a little penguin come out the sea. He waddled up a steep sand dune. It looked like he was struggling as the wind was against him and the sand was blowing towards him. We were all hoping the little penguin would make it to the top where his nest was. In the the end he made it. Its a tough life being a penguin. We then spotted another one who walked up a small sand dune stopped half way for a scratch and then wondered off in to the bushes.

    We also saw a sea lion slide down a sand dune it was great fun to watch. We then saw one make his way to the sea, he would take a few steps and then stop yawn and carry on. I managed to catch a video of this on my nikon camera. It was a great day full of wildlife.

    This evening we are going out for a few drinks in Dunedin.
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