• Day36

    Like a tourist in HK

    November 16, 2019 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Following a good nights sleep we were up promptly due in no small part to the three hour time difference between Sydney and Hong Kong. Had a very good breakfast and as we left the restaurant I picked up a paper (old habits die hard!) and we were then collared by the restaurant manager who was keen to talk to us about the current troubles here. He is a man of about 40 who agrees with their motives but not their methods. These demonstrations are obviously damaging to HK, annual events are being cancelled, the country is on the brink of recession and there is graffiti everywhere. Looking out from the back of our hotel there is a major toll road which is currently closed. The toll booths have been smashed and there are rocks and bricks on the carriageway.
    We asked the concierge about the best way to get to the airport on Sunday evening. Definitely taxi for the metro may close without warning at any time.
    Anyway we had a good day wandering round the city in the warm weather. We walked along the harbour front and took the Star ferry across to Hong Kong Island. These ferries are a HK institution and run to and fro all day long with very cheap fares. Once over the other side we walked for about thirty minutes to take the funicular railway to the Peak a viewpoint above the city. Great views despite the haze that seems fairly permanent here.
    Next task was to seek out a replacement camera so we took the ferry back over to Kowloon and into a huge shopping area Harbour City where there was a big selection of possibilities. We quickly discovered that cameras are not really in vogue these days probably because most people use their phones. The cameras they did have were more than I wanted to pay for we only use one whilst we are on holiday.
    Following this decision we boarded a ferry to do a round the harbour cruise. How many high rise buildings are there in HK? Quite staggering to see the skyline.
    Having had a busy day we went back to the hotel pool for a swim and relax ahead of an evening out which was fun, a few drinks, a decent meal and a walk up Nathan Road, the main road through Kowloon, to the Temple Street Night Market. Absolutely heaving with people and neon lights everywhere which is typical of Far Eastern cities, but great fun!
    We ended up walking over 14 miles today.
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