• Day43

    Brilliant job!

    August 22, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So funny.
    We drove to Bunnings.
    We are used to Bunnings being closer.
    We had our list.
    Tried to think of everything.
    Didn’t want to have to drive back.

    Emily was hungry.
    And we all know from having to eat before being able to climb The Arc de Triumph that when Emily is hungry, she really has to eat.

    We were an hour in Bunnings.
    I saw dogs in Bunnings so raced out to get Lacey from the van.
    I have never seen a happier dog.
    There she was being pushed around in a trolley with the biggest grin I have ever seen.
    If this is ‘shopping’ she wants in.

    Got everything?
    Fingers crossed.
    “Emily, they have a cafe here.”
    “But, Mum, you have to wait so long!”

    Hungry Emily is a funny thing to watch.

    We stopped 2 minutes later for a pie at a service station.
    Only got sausage rolls...
    That’ll do.
    ( I got petrol.)
    And a sausage roll.
    ( Can’t beat ‘em..... )

    We were laughing as we demolished the sausage rolls.
    We had said last night that we would have this deck built by 2pm.
    It was 12.30 as we were driving back.
    Not a chance we thought.

    We were wrong.
    Emily was perched on her deck talking to everyone and sundry at 2.02pm.
    ( I only managed to screenshot the time at 2.05pm.)

    Done and dusted!

    So many people came to see the deck and laugh and chat.
    Our plan is working.
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