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  • Day24

    Woolgoolga Beach

    February 23, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 24 °C

    Woolgoolga - was ist denn das? Das hab ich mich auch gefragt... Und warum ich grad hier meinen Zwischenstop eingeplant hab. Es war Intuition. Und wisst ihr was - es war super cool. Strandspaziergang - ein Schiffswrack, das nicht mehr wirklich erkennbar war und Surfer, die sich waghalsig in die Sturmwellen geschmissen haben. Das alles abgerundet mit einem Brownie und einem Cocktail. Was braucht man mehr?Read more

  • Day83

    Von Sydney nach Brisbane

    April 26, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Wir sind jetzt seit 2 Tagen mit dem Camper unterwegs, auf dem Weg von Sydney nach Brisbane. Die letzten Wochen hatten wir wenig Zeit mal etwas zu schreiben, da wir ja mit den anderen unterwegs waren und es auf der Great Ocean Road auch nicht überall Internet gab. Heute haben wir nach 3,5 Wochen in Australien unsere ersten Kängurus gesehen !!! Die Landschaft und auch die Autobahnen sind der Hammer hier. Wir sind heute auf dem bis jetzt besten Campingplatz in Australien gelandet und auf der Straße zum Campingplatz haben wir tausende Flughunde in den Bäumen hängen sehen.Read more

  • Day16

    Invasion der Flughunde

    November 2, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Weiter ging es zum Sandy Beach und dann zum Woolgoola Beach, wo wir gemütlich an der Straße entlang fuhren und uns wunderten warum ein paar Autos am Straßenrand hielte. Naja wird ein Koala sein, dachten wir und hielten an. Doch dann kam glaub ich das unerwarteste Erlebnis unserer ganzen Reise. Eine riesiger Schwarm aus Flughunde hat sich am Rand des Waldes gesammelt, es waren hunderttausende von ihnen überall in den Bäumen verteilt. Sie schrien und flogen von Baum zu Baum. Es war wirklich absolut faszinierend und total verrückt. Wir wollten eigentlich nur an einem etwas abgelegenen Strand entlang laufen und entdeckten diese Invasion von Flughunden. Der Strand hat nach dieser Entdeckung natürlich total abgestunken. Also fuhren wir weiter zu den Red Rocks bei denen ein Meeresarm ins Landesinnere führte und wie eine Lagoone zum Baden einlud.
    Die Nacht verbrachten wir dann auf dem Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park.
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  • Day5

    Then we checked out The Lake

    July 15 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Headed to Woolgoolga Lakeside Caravan Park to check out the lake...
    Love this location.
    The tide was coming in so rushing into the lake.
    But there are sandbars everywhere so it is so shallow.
    And the water is crystal clear.
    This will be fun to play on!
    And right next to the park.

    Oh and Daryl painted the roof of his house.
    AND made dinner.

    AND ....
    Emily bought a Postie Bike.
    ( I’ll never keep up now )

    This holiday adventure is getting better and better.
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  • Day28

    Setting up, ready for rain.

    Yesterday in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Had a great day.
    The forecast was for rain in the afternoon so we took down my green sun shelter and put up the awning on my van.
    That took 5 minutes.
    It’s fun camping.
    Hopefully we have everything we need for the different types of weather.

    Emily set up permanent hot water to her sink today.
    And ran piping to drain from her sink to the park drain system.
    She is so excited.
    Hot water in Bumper!!!

    Then we played around with her awning, in the rain.
    So much fun.
    Just getting the angle right so all the water drained well.
    Then we put the side awning up as well.
    So she now has a garage for her bike.

    Then we retreated to our vans.
    I watched a movie on Netflix.
    Actually got to the end. That surprised me.
    I am relaxing.
    Very enjoyable afternoon.

    Then Lacey and I and my huge Bunnings umbrella went for a walk on the beach in the rain.
    We were the only ones on the entire beach.
    It was magnificent.
    The mist off the water through the rain was beautiful.

    All set up for night now.
    Laying on my bed with the fairy lights on and the rain falling on the roof.

    Rang Mum.
    She was moved by ambulance transport from hospital to Rehab at St John of God in Berwick.
    Thought of Steve. Would have been amazing if he was still driving and took my Mum!
    I asked Mum what it was like ...

    They get me a hot cup of tea when I ask for one.
    They always answer the buzzer.
    The fish and chips for lunch was delicious.
    I have a room to myself with 2 enormous picture windows that look out over the view all the way to Cranbourne.
    I had a 1/2 hour chat with a lady doctor and she has upped my pain management.
    It’s Paradise.”

    How great is that? 😄
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  • Day20

    Great day, lovely night.

    July 30 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Beautiful day again today. 21 degrees and sunny though windy.
    Walked Lacey on the beach.
    Emily had a computer man arrive to declare that her computer was safe to use from home.
    ( Read ‘Bus’ there.)
    Organised from Canada.
    They found a man in Coffs Harbour and he turned up.
    Fascinating man.
    He and his wife had sailed the world for 5 years in his yacht.
    He didn’t blink an eyelid at a Hiace or Coaster.
    All OK.
    He left.
    Martine and Scout arrived for a walk.
    Emily had finished her meetings so we played around the creek and ocean.
    More work for Emily
    Except she rode her Postie to the supermarket ... mainly for dog shampoo.
    ( We did leave in rather a hurry.)
    I forgot several things!
    Scissor cut Lacey’s hair.
    She was rather long and ‘ knotty’.
    The scissors did have some trouble cutting through all the sand in her coat though.
    Big go through the coat with the dog brush...
    All the knots gone.
    Off to the dog wash that they have at this caravan park.
    I have a new dog!!!!
    She looks beautiful, and smells devine!

    So, we had been using my fridge as a freezer.
    But the 2nd battery was not coping that well as I haven’t been driving anywhere really to recharge it, so had to take all the no longer frozen food out of the fridge and cook it.
    ( Well, Emily cooked it.)

    And she said “ Keep an eye out for Matt and Jess. We can feed them.”
    While I was doing that, I also installed ‘Fairy Lights’ in Tin Tin.
    The last few nights I was trying to figure out what was wrong, because as soon as the sun set, I could not see a thing.
    ( Old age.)
    But once the ‘Fairy Lights’ were in, I was in heaven ....
    Sight restored.
    Yah !

    No Matt and Jess.
    Went looking for their van.
    Not there.
    Started to worry.
    They had been invited to a free meal for desperate people last night and were hesitant to go.
    So we decided that they had been kidnapped by White Slavers.
    Really started to worry.

    That’s them.

    Emily chased their van as they drove in.
    “Free food. Bring containers”

    So they arrived and we had dinner together.
    Filled their containers.
    “No, we can’t.”
    “Yes, you can”

    Had a wonderful night.
    Lovely young couple.
    Lots of laughs and stories told.
    ( Yah. New audience!)

    They left about 9pm.
    So much food... but all shared really well now.

    My fairy lights are amazing.
    So happy.
    Did not show up that well in the photo though.

    Great day.
    Happily ensconced in bed with my fairy lights.
    Very comfortable bed.
    Clean dog.
    Just lovely.

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  • Day20

    Again, other photos.

    July 30 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Apparently there is a resident lizard here.
    Almost tripped over him on the step to the shower block.
    He was relaxing in the sun.

    Other photos, showers are huge with large dry space area.
    Just lovely facilities.
    And what a bonus having a dog wash by the beach.
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  • Day22

    Saturday ... Saturday ...

    August 1 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Mind you, they all seem like ‘Saturdays’ now.
    ( Sorry )

    Beautiful sunny day.
    We walked the kilometre along the beach into Woopi.
    Lots of people on the beach.
    Well ‘lots’ for up here.
    Surfers in the water.
    Children jumping the waves.
    Just a lovely walk.

    I bought new thongs.
    I had worn the others out.
    And we had breakfast in a beautiful garden courtyard of a cafe.
    Then back to purchase a boogie board for Emily.
    She decided she wanted her own.
    Did you know that the right size for a boogie board is if it comes up to your navel when it’s standing on the ground?
    Me neither.
    Seaside towns are amazing places to learn new things!

    Walk back along the beach to camp.
    Were thinking of heading out in Tin Tin to explore ....
    Then Martine rang.
    They were on their way with the kayak and bike.

    They arrived and were promptly ( but nicely ) told that they should not be visiting.
    No visitors allowed because of Covid.
    Apparently, it is in the Terms and Conditions when we booked in.
    Nobody reads those because they never really change, do they?
    But, really ... of course things have changed now.
    Just I didn’t think to read them.

    However, just in front of our site are cabins.
    They front the lawn that runs down to the lake.
    We had Friday night get together there last night at one of the tables.
    That is public land.
    The very nice caravan park lady said, “Just go down there.”
    So we did.
    The bike is too big for me.
    I can’t reach the ground so that went back.

    But the kayak was here!!!!
    Said goodbye and thanks to Daryl and Martine and carried the kayak out over the sandbar to the water.
    Emily went first, with Lacey riding point.
    I said “Make sure you clip Lacey’s lead to your belt, Emily. We don’t want her falling overboard.”
    Off they went... down the lake.
    It was low tide so deepest place might be 4 feet.
    Shallowest ... about 2 inches.
    Had to keep an eye out for those bits.

    Emily rowed back with a very wet Lacey.
    Went overboard.
    Emily grabbed her by her collar as she floated by the kayak.

    We took turns.... I loved it.
    So relaxing.
    You can drift....
    Or paddle...
    Whatever you like.

    Lacey stayed in the kayak.

    On my next turn, I left Lacey on the sandbar with Emily.
    They were just wandering.

    Apparently, Lacey is really ‘my’ dog.
    ( Emily is constantly stressing this point to me.)
    Always searching for me ... Must be a little dog thing.
    And when I went off without her, she scanned the horizon, ignored the ‘speck’ that was me on the water and took off to find me.
    Flying though the water, up into the public picnic ground ... searching for all she was worth.

    All I heard from 200 yards away on the water was Emily’s frantic scream “Somebody grab that dog!”
    Somebody did.
    Emily emerged down the boat ramp with a Lacey held very tightly in her arms.
    I was pretty glad.
    I did consider my options from the middle of the lake when I saw Emily crashing through the water giving chase.
    There weren’t that many.

    And a fisherman called out to me as I rowed back.
    “I caught your dog for you, love.”
    We had quite a conversation.

    So.... Lacey will kayak with me from now on.

    Emily’s little dog, Mo, was the same.
    If he lost sight of Emily, he would fly off in search of her.
    Chased a car once because he thought she was in it.

    Emily headed off on Burner the postie bike to the supermarket.
    Matt and Jess, the German tourists came to say hi and then we went to check out their van, “Miles”
    Wish I had thought of it.
    Will be stealing it another time.
    (Their friends had suggested “The Green Miles” but they thought the movie was too sad so “Miles” it was.)

    Nice set up.
    Shorter that Tin Tin, and they have a kitchen, so not as much room but great anyway.

    And they and Emily are going to try their hand at surfing tomorrow morning.
    I am going to watch!
    Should be fun.

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  • Day24

    Full Moon over Woolgoolga

    August 3 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    What a magnificent sight.
    We love full moons.
    We chase them.
    Round The Colosseum in Rome.
    Over the water in Dubrovnik.
    After the Illuminations at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
    And somewhere in Turkey ....
    Cannot believe that I have forgotten where.
    Anyway ...
    There’s a full moon over Woolgoolga.

    And it look spectacular.

    Remembered where in Turkey.
    Full moon over Pigeon Island off the coast of Kusadasi.
    Got up at 2am to take a photo.
    Best hotel resort ever!
    ( If you don’t count the Cave Hotel in Gamirasu.)
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  • Day16

    No .... REALLY RAINS!

    July 26 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Sunday morning and the rain is absolutely pouring down.

    Melbourne gets 600ml a year, Daryl tells me.
    Coffs gets 2 metres.

    So Martine says “ I am going to see if the Woolgoolga Creek has broken through the sand into the sea.”
    So we said, “We’re coming.”

    And it poured down.
    Felt like we are under a waterfall.
    And there it was ...
    A massive amount of water flowing from the Woolgoolga Lake ( Creek ) down into the sea.
    That’s the Lake next to our caravan park that is usually shallow at low tide.
    So we really wanted to see it broken through again into the sea.

    We all wore coats etc...
    Saturated in seconds...
    I had to take my glasses off.
    Could not see a thing.
    ( Needed windscreen wipers!)

    Everyone paddled and crossed the raging stream.
    Not me though.
    I was keeping those small dogs out of the raging torrent.
    They would have been swept out to sea.

    So much fun.
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