• Day3

    3 Zoos Pt 2

    April 1, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Next I headed straight to the giraffes where I got to do the same thing. This Giraffe was a bit more interested in me than the elephant was, but not by much. The Giraffes were located next to the bank of the reservoir which would later be the body of water for our River Safari. I also so a baby chimpanzee, a stunning toucan looking bird, and a lemur that looked annoyed as hell we were preventing hi/her from a lazy nap. I also saw the toilet pictures below at the zoo. Some Asian countries squat to do a poo and it is frowned upon to stand on the toilet seat to this, so here a toilet specifically designed for this purpose. On the other extreme, Japan has a bidet even in public places. Funny to think that even though we are all people, how we poo is really important to us and how we do it is quite different depending which country you come from.Read more